Set in contemporary Iran, A Separation is a compelling drama about the dissolution of Asghar Farhadi . Audience Reviews for A Separation. The first shot of the Iranian director Asghar Farhadi’s “A Separation” is so audacious, in conception and in substance, that I wondered how it could . In February , Asghar Farhadi’s drama of marital entropy A Separation cleaned up at the Berlin Film Festival, becoming the first Iranian film to win the Golden.

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Razieh has applied for the job without consulting her hot-tempered husband, Hodjat, whose approval, according to tradition, would have been asghwr. However, Razieh reveals to Simin she has serious doubts as to whether Nader’s actions caused the miscarriage, considering she had earlier been hit by a car while retrieving Nader’s father when he had wandered out of the apartment and had first experienced symptoms of the miscarriage that night.

A Separation – Wikipedia

Noel MurrayThe A. Despite some resonant, slate-gray asyhar cinematography, About Elly is not especially accomplished cinema. Peter RainerChristian Science Monitor [32] 1st: While both participating in a production of “Death fzrhadi a Salesman,” a teacher’s wife is assaulted in her new home, which leaves him determined to find the perpetrator over his wife’s traumatized objections.

It merely fosters a coterie of skeptics. Neither is the calamitous Hodjat Housseinithough he is the one bringing charges against Nader.

Retrieved 17 February Just in looking at the plot of film you can also argue that it’s a very human story, based on the emotion wrought from caring for a parent with a debilitating disease, or having to take care of your family in the wake of your husband’s joblessness.


Written and directed by Ashgar Farhadi, the film is a triumph on the field of intelligence as it never patronizes the viewer by pointing a finger on an obvious ‘antagonist’. She falls in the stairwell outside.

Awards for A Separation. The Virgin Spring — Ingmar Bergman Nader accuses Razieh of neglecting his father. On the last Wednesday before the spring solstice ushers in the Persian New Year, people set off fireworks following an ancient Zoroastrian tradition.

A Separation () – Rotten Tomatoes

Did the Farabi Foundation just think it was a good way to save on film stock? Showing a control of investigative pacing that recalls classic Hitchcock and a feel for ethical farnadi that is all his own, Farhadi has hit upon a story that is not only about men and women, children and parents, justice and religion in today’s Iran, but that raises complex and globally relevant questions of responsibility, of the subjectivity and contingency of “telling the truth”, and of how thin the line can be between inflexibility and pride — especially of the male variety — and selfishness and tyranny.

The Salesman wins best foreign language Oscar. Retrieved 16 December She states that she has made a decision, but asghad that the judge tell her parents to wait outside before she tells him. The provocative plot casts a revealing light on contempo Iranian society, taking on issues of gender, class, justice and honor as a secular middle-class family in the midst of upheaval winds up in conflict with an impoverished religious one.


Somaieh, the youngest daughter of an indigent family, is getting married and fear is overwhelming each and every member of the family regarding how to overcome their difficulties after she’s gone. A Separation was later named the ninth-greatest film of the 21st century in a BBC critics’ poll. Hodjat’s sister later calls Simin to inform her that Razieh is in the hospital because she has suffered a miscarriage.

Authorities deny permit for event which Asghar Farhadi, who directed the Oscar-winning Iranian film, was expected to attend. March 2, Full Review….

Journey of Hope — Xavier Koller Retrieved 25 March Peter Bradshaw takes a look — and picks his top 50 films of the demi-decade. However, the trip is upset by unexpected events that bring secrets into the open. Ray Greene, Boxoffice Magazine [32] 4th: Iran cancels ceremony to honour A Separation director.

Season 4 Doctor Who: Babette’s Feast — Gabriel Axel Asghxr Film Awards [39].

A Separation

Do Iranian women have to wear a headscarf in their homes as well? Film blog A Separation can’t be divorced from Iranian politics. Nights of Cabiria — Federico Fellini