A closer look at Wipeout command of AutoCAD. Despite its great feature it always remained one the least used commands in AutoCAD. Here’s how to select them: WIPEOUT F (for frames) ON Now, all of your wipeouts have a frame around them that you can easily select and. In AutoCAD since version Info Command category: rendering. Help (): WIPEOUT. WIPEOUT command description: Creates a wipeout in the drawing.

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Tips for Using the Wipeout Command

It probably does not sound very clear. DirkM February 9, at 4: Within acac block, I will put them on layer 0; that way they will be on the layer that they are inserted on and will therefore have all the attributes of that layer. September 19, at OK Stay up to date! For me it is: Thanks Ellen Finkelstein February 15, at 2: Another advantage with the use of a solid hatch over wipeouts is the acac of curved edges.

What type of modifying are you doing to the mirrored wipeout? Home About Website Links.

Wipeout command in AutoCAD

Becker January 9, at I have found that when using wipeouts inside of a block, the draw order will get rearranged if the BSAVE command is used. Then you see the following prompts: Another way to create polyline circle is to draw an arc on part of the existing circle, run the Pedit on the Arc and choose the CLOSE option, however the wipeout accepts closed acax with line segments only.

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You can find the command on the Home tab in the expanded Draw panel. Is there any command to hide out side the acac, i want to work in the middle of a drawing and want to hide all drawing which is not in the wipeout boundry. To register for this site, click Sign up now below. To change visibility of wipeout frame you can also use Frames option from command line caad invoking wipeout command as shown in image below.

The aad itself needs to be on a layer that will plot, and that layer needs to be turned on. Object PropertiesDraw Order Wipeouts can be a bit frustrating, so here are some solid tips to help things work smoothly.

Frank de Brouwer February 13, at 4: In this article I will try to explore features of this command with relevant examples where ever possible. Notify me of new comments via email. Another neat, but not so quick, way of getting an actual circle to be a polyline is Here are the prompts:. Wileout cursor change into a pick box, select wipeout boundary and press enter.

CAD Forum – AutoCAD command WIPEOUT

Basically you are plotting solid white hatch over what you want to wipeout. Stay up to date!

Don’t miss any new tips. Probably some settings issue. Then created a wipeout and then placed a line in the middle of the wipeout area so that the wipeout is obscuring the hatch… I then mirrored everthing and the draworder was correct after the mirror and then i did some simple modifications to the wiepout like moving and grip editing to adjust the size of the wipeout.


Natalia May 23, at Using wipeout feature you can create blocks that can always hide objects behind it. While we don’t collect cookies, some of our 3rd-party services such as PayPal and WordPress do, to give you a safer and better browsing experience.

In the image below I have used wipeout on the hatched region inside the acsd to partially hide hatches. If I try to dimension to the wipeout edge in paper space, the viewport scale is completely ignored, so the dimension is wrong.

February 9, at 4: Specify next point or [Undo]: Have you ever been frustrated with trying to erase or even select a wipeout? Please help me to find the solution.

Cover it up with the WIPEOUT command

Now whenever you enter this block over crowded drawings it will always hide underlying geometries. Clipping can do that.

For this reason, and all of the other reasons you have mentioned, we have abandoned using wipeouts altogether wioeout now use solid hatch. May 23, at Select a closed polyline: Has anyone else found this problem or got a solution? To avoid this, I don’t save any blocks that I am working in manually but rather just close the wipeotu editor and click YES when asked if I want to save the block.