The ultimate food mimics the one that Mother Nature intended your dog to eat. Acana Regionals Pacifica is loaded with 60% of salmon, herring, and flounder. Buy Acana Pacifica dog food online at Homes Alive Pets. We ship our dog products across Canada from Edmonton, AB. Summary of Reviews for Acana Pacifica Dog Food via an american Bulldog site, other suppliers stock Acana product but you have been the only supplier we .

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Nothing comes close enough to either Acana or Orijen to be of such good value and quality. Even though fish is her favourite flavour. I usually find it for almost every product on Zooplus and it’s very useful, but for some brands I could not find detailed informations about that.

Plus in a household of 8 pafifica some fussy some not so much it has been scoffed down by everyone. Everything but this gave my kitten the runs because of his sensitive tummy.

Their eyes are glowing and their fur is really shiny. List View Grid View. When switching diets, it’s important to transition your dog as it takes time for his digestive system to adapt to the richer nutrient levels in ACANA.

Acana Pacifica Dog Food & Acana Pacifica Cat Food

Excellent value and a great food, only bettered by Orijen 6 Fish who are the same makers of Acana too. By providing a concentrated, natural source of virtually every nutrient your dog needs to thrive, you eliminate the need for long lists of synthetic additives which is why Vitamin E, zinc and copper are our only added supplements. I got this delivered in just 3 days and my cat loves it, she can’t acanw enough of it. No Water Added No added water — we gently steam-cook our foods in their own natural juices.


My cats just love it.

But overall great food and great quality. We also recommend feeding him twice daily and always keeping fresh, clean water available.

Stay informed and sign up to receive regular pacjfica and updates. If at all possible, my kittens like this even more than Wild Prairie, even to the extent that they’d rather eat this than quality canned food. I’m so glad the breeder told me about Acana it solved all our problems straight away. View Your Shopping Cart. And I pacofica they are eating great food. When you decide to change food you have to do it slow.

After pqcifica up a small packet of Acana Wild Prairie dry food, I ended up buying a 7 kg bag of this. Sort by Newest first Highest rating Lowest rated.

Acana Pacifica

The zooplus app Download Download. Acana is pure quality from Canada.

Oddly, they prefer this food over their fish treats so this food can also double as a treat. Other customers also liked: Mix old food with new one. He’ll love the change — we guarantee it!


I tried every food for my Devon Rex kitten. I am very pleased about the dry food especially the prize it’s excellent compared to other markets who rip off people and charge twice as much. Good small biscuit size means that even the toothless cat can eat it.


When I read the ingredients to my husband he said he wanted a plate of Acana for his dinner it is that good. I tried my 4 year old cat on this and she absolutely loves it and it actually fills her up unlike the other dry foods from different manufacturers. More importantly, we think your dog will too! The only thing, I think could be better, is the kibble size, which is quite small for forest cats. Don’t know why but my fussy cat doesn’t like it even when I mix it with JWB and Purizone she leave acana kibbles in her bowl.

Fairly healthy choice for a cat as well, far better than any regular market or even local pet shop dry food.