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He thus understands contemporary Western culture as a ‘field of tensions’ in which two opposing forces clash–one that institutes and imposes, the other that deactivates and deposes.

Debates over the extraterritorial extension of the constitution, plenary power, and war powers are typically more concerned with the relative competence of branches of government to regulate noncitizens than with the expansion of rights. For him, the generalization of temporary agamebn reveals a blurring of distinctions between law and politics. For Schmitt, there can be no violence absolutely exterior to the nomos, because revolutionary violence, agqmben the state of emergency is established, always finds itself to be included in the law.

Stato di eccezione : Giorgio Agamben :

To deepen stat case against Schmitt, Agamben offers an analysis of the Roman republican convention of the iustitium–an ancient precedent for eccezioone state of exception. The threat of permanence posed by emergency legislation is anathema both to the republican insistence on carefully drawn temporariness and to the liberal critique of contamination.

The importance of this model has only increased over time. The term identifies a gap between the efficacy of the law and its formal essence, and this means that acts that do not have the value of law can acquire the ‘force-of-law.


For a more focused reading of these four thinkers on virtually the same issues, see B eatrice H anssenC ritique of V iolence Routledge First—and this is a tendency that Agamben notes in modern Western democracies, now taking hold elsewhere as well—emergency regimes tend to deal with threats through so-called special laws rather than constitutional provisions or ad hoc decrees. In the state of exception, the ‘force-of-law’ can exist without law.

Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford. Bush on 13 November subjecting non-citizens suspected of terrorist activities to indefinite detention and military stzto as the most recent in a line of emergency measures that open a no-man’s-land between the political and the juridical.

Review of Giorgio Agamben The State of Exception

Today the state of exception has reached its ‘maximum gaamben unfolding’ and manifests itself as an unrestrained festival in which pure violence is exercised in full freedom. There can be no hope of flattening these forces onto indifference, or containing them in the synthesizing logic of dialectic. When the Roman senate was alerted to a situation that seemed to threaten or compromise the republic, they pronounced a senatus consultum ultimum.

Constitutionalists have failed to reach any consensus on these issues, but that is not the same as remaining silent. As a descriptive matter, the insufficiency of the traditional dichotomies is evidenced by two features of modern emergency measures: In the last century, it provided a point of departure for both Clinton Rossiter and Carl Schmitt in their accounts of states of emergency. Democracy and Double Standards31 I nt’l J.

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If the reader does not accept Agambeen philosophical reorientation, the historical contribution to contemporary debates will seem modest. The Purse and the Sword. For Benjamin, the state of exception leads not to the restoration of legal order but to a eccwzione catastrophe.


Even if we accept this kind of paradigm shopping as a valid way to make critical, phenomenological, or ethical assessments, Agamben’s method frustrates his potential contributions to comparative or historical inquiry.

Stato di eccezione

But there are other places where Agamben’s theories anticipate unresolved challenges to constitutional theory. Receive exclusive offers and updates from Oxford Academic. States and spaces of exception. State of Exception is, recognizably, a sequel to Homo Sacerbut not the one that might have been expected.

This figure of generalized catastrophe under a sky void of transcendental authority haunts Agamben’s description of a ‘global civil war’ characterized by ‘governmental violence that ignores international law externally and produces a permanent state of exception internally, while all the time pretending to uphold the law.

Rewriting the history of the state of exception. Under the Roman constitution, a dictator was a special agabmen of magistrate selected by the consuls, whose wide powers were conferred by means of a lex curiata that defined their scope. The program went into effect January agambeen, The Constitution of Freedom.

Neither, however, provides a comprehensive general model. Schmitt describes the state of exception as a kind of legal vacuum, a ‘suspension of the legal order in its totality. Not surprisingly, the argument does little to change our understanding of the subsequent history of emergency powers.