Aradia è il manoscritto contenente le dottrine della Stregheria italiana.I temi salienti che costituiscono la trama o il nucleo centrale di questo Vangelo, cioè, che. addressed to Diana and Aradia, the exorcism of Cain, and the spells of the holy- stone, . This is the Gospel (Vangelo) of the Witches: Regina delle streghe. : Aradia o il vangelo delle streghe () by Charles Godfrey Leland and a great selection of similar New, Used and Collectible.

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At the end of Chapter I is the text in which Aradia gives instructions to her followers on how to practice witchcraft. Magliocco writes that Aradia “may represent a 19th-century version of [the legend of the Cult of Herodias] that incorporated later materials influenced by medieval diabolism: Aradia was one of the products of Leland’s research. Diana dimostra la potenza delle sue arti magiche creando ” i cieli, le stelle e la pioggia ” vangeko diventando la ” Vangwlo delle Streghe “.

In several places Leland provides the Italian he was translating. University of Toronto Press.

Magliocco calls Aradia “the first real text of the 20th gangelo Witchcraft revival”, [25] and it is repeatedly cited as being profoundly influential on the development of Wicca. Charles Godfrey Leland era uno scrittore e studioso del folklore statunitense e trascorse arafia anni a Firenze compiendo studi e ricerche sul folklore italiano. Leland’s claim that the manuscript was genuine, and even his assertion that he received such a manuscript, have been called into question.

Aradia o il vangelo delle streghe : Leland Charles Godfrey :

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Hutton himself is a sceptic, not only of the existence of the religion that Aradia claims to represent, [20] but also of the existence of Maddalena, arguing that it is more likely that Leland created the entire story than that Leland could be so easily “duped” by an Italian fortune-teller.


The Aradia material is, unfortunately, a disputed text with problems of its own when compared to the usually accepted folklore, folk traditions, and folk magic practices of Italy. Anche Mathiesen rifiuta la terza ipotesi, sostenendo che mentre i brani del libro scritti in inglese erano stati profondamente revisionati durante il processo di scrittura, le parti in italiano, al contrario, quasi non erano state toccate, tranne piccoli ritocchi ” esattamente del tipo che avrebbe fatto un correttore di bozze confrontando la propria copia con l’originale “.

La versione pubblicata include anche delle note e, in vari passi, anche il testo italiano originale che aveva tradotto. Leland scrisse che aveva ” capito che esisteva un manoscritto che fissava i principi della dottrina della stregoneria italiana ” nel e aveva pregato Maddalena di trovarlo. In the 20th century, the book was very influential in the development of the contemporary Pagan religion of Wicca.

Its fifteen chapters portray the origins, beliefs, rituals, and spells of an Italian pagan witchcraft tradition. Leland summarises the mythic material in the book in its appendix, writing “Diana is Queen of the Witches; an associate of Herodias Aradia in her relations to sorcery; that she bore a child to her brother the Sun here Lucifer ; that as a moon-goddess she is in some relation to Cain, who dwells as prisoner in the moon, and that the witches of old were people oppressed by feudal lands, the former revenging themselves in every way, and holding orgies to Diana which the Church represented as being the worship of Satan “.

Aradia, o il Vangelo delle Streghe

La storica Ruth Martin afferma che era pratica comune restare ” nude con i capelli sciolti sulle spalle ” mentre recitavano gli incantesimi.

La Valiente quindi decise di riscrivere il passaggio sia in prosa che in versi, mantenendo comunque la metrica tradizionale di Aradia.


Wikisource has original text related to this article: It was largely what he was expecting, with the exception that he did not predict passages in “prose-poetry”. The History and Development of a Legend”.

Aradia o il vangelo delle streghe

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Title page of the original edition. The Origin of Aradia”. Leland understood it to be an authentic document [5] of the “Old Religion” of the witches, but explains that he did not know if the text came from written or oral sources. Aradia’s students thus became the first witches, who would then continue the worship of Diana.

Aradia, or the Gospel of the Witches.

Leland fu colpito da questa cosmogonia: The Journal of Pagan Studies. Parts of the speech appeared in an early version of Gardnerian Wicca ritual.

Aradia, or the Gospel of the Witches – Wikipedia

I quindici capitoli descrivono le origini, le credenze, i rituali e gli incantesimi tradizionali della stregoneria pagana italiana. The authenticity of Aradia has always been in question. Leland’s final draft was a slim volume. He differs from Leland in many ways, particularly in portraying her as a witch who lived and taught in 14th-century Italy, rather than a goddess. Leland wrote that streghhe had “learned that there was in existence a manuscript setting forth the doctrines of Italian witchcraft” inand had urged Maddalena to strevhe it.

Valiente subsequently rewrote the passage in both prose and verse, retaining the “traditional” Aradia lines.