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Unaccountably unless they are, perhaps, Russian copies some machines have their head assemblies made from “mirror-image” casting; this, of course, has the effect of putting the gear levers on the right-hand side and the quill-feed controls on the left.

If external looks could be taken as a reliable indicator to the condition of internals this would be defenately be the machine to buy. The feed screw dials are calibrated in divisions of 0. Inlet wire — 23,00 mm Diameter block — mm Speed — 0,80 m per second potentiometer Pulling force — 7.

These bids are registered with minimal bid incrimentup to your maximum amount – your autobid. Leading European marketplace for used machines.

All invoices have 5 days payment terms.

Stand The table, column and drill head are mounted on a rigid stand, the lower portion of the stand is prepared for a coolant equipment. Want to sell machines?

Arboga U Project

I’ve also found a dutch company that can do me one. But I will still go and find out what modern day material is currently used in high load applications. Looks and feels pretty good, no noticable play anymore.


Machineseeker and Thorsten Muschler GmbH is not liable for violations of the active Maschinensucher or Machineseeker buyer or seller. You use the img tag at the bottom of each thumb aboga in photobucket. I bet that the factory, being very responsive to my questions so far, not going to tell me who their supplier is so I can check in what other motor brands or types they are used. Finished for the day. Handling charges and VAT is added when applicable. Let get a quote! Next thing up was a very old Deckel FP-1 with the change wheel tyoe table feed at Euro.

The angular position can be adjusted towards a graduated scale. By using our services, you acknowledge and agree to our use of cookies.

First, I am not a machinist whatsoever but I so much enjoyed my SB-9A project last winter so I decided Aeboga needed another project for this one. Till next time when I will update this post with some pics. Drill press two spindle drilling head Abarboga Maskiner GM 2.

Do you need to open the machine and reset them everytime you loose power?? What do we check? Cookies make it easier to offer arblga services.

New machines via email! Terex Excavator with a year of build from Sorry, no pics today.

AB Arboga Maskiner U2508: a simple DRO (linear glass scale readout)

Krefeld, Germany adboga location. The noise level and maintenance of the gear box is reduced to a minimum. I’ll let you know on the outcome as soon as the machine takes its first cut. Was kind of put off by people saying that the change of finding a motor with the right stator and also accepting the current rotor was a good a ‘striking oil on the moon’.

  ERC REC 70-03 PDF

FriSept So, finaly got the machine in from Germany. I don’t want the complete gear, I only want the gear and rebuild the thing myself. Wiefelstede, Germany dealership location. Nope, just picked up new bearings, keystock and re-splined Moter- and Main shaft. The spindle nose is provided with a thread, so that tooling can be retained in the spindle by means of a screwed collar and plate when carrying out milling operations.

Very heavily built, the head, once tilted over, could be difficult for one person to hold whilst the retaining nut was tightened. Payment must be registered before seller can be contacted for collection of purchased items All purchases must be collected within 21 days An agreement MUST be made with the seller prior to collection The buyer is responsible for all costs with regards to pick up, transport and export.