Normally, you will spend more time moving than fighting. You must use proper movement techniques to avoid contact with the enemy when you are not prepared. U.S. Army Infantry School Statement on U.S. NATIONAL POLICY CONCERNING ANTIPERSONNEL LAND MINES. Table of Contents. provide extensive information about FM ( ).

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However, you cannot be sure which side the civilians are trying to help, so be careful when acting on information obtained from them. The DR-8 holds meters of field wire WD- 1. Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web.

It also keeps disease-carrying insects from reaching the skin. When moving from one area to another, change mahual flage as needed to blend with the surroundings. If DS2 is not available, wash ammunition in cool, soapy water, then dry it thoroughly.

This may also cause grenades to roll into the sumps. Paint shadow areas around the eyes, under the nose, and under the chin with a hght color. The movement element should not move until the fire element is firing. Remove all jewelry to further reduce shine or reflection. Channel 1 has a range of 1, meters.

The rushes are kept short to keep enemy machine gunners or riflemen from tracking you. Use camouflage and concealment to breakup shapes and blend them with their surroundings. Physical fitness includes a healthy body, me capacity for skill- ful and sustained performance, the ability to recover from exertion rapidly, the desire to complete a designated task, and the confidence to face any eventuality.


Turn the handcrank rapidly a few turns. Always try to hit the ground behind some cover. Do not give them cigarettes, candy, or other comfort items. When the terrain does not provide natural cover and concealment, you must prepare your cover and use natural and man-made materials to camouflage yourself, your equipment, and your position.

The effectiveness of any visual signal depends on a set of prearranged meanings. The depth of the trenches depends on the time and type of help and equipment available to dig them. It also lets you support the positions next to you. With your firing hand, grasp your weapon sling at the upper sling swivel. The frontal cover is built first. Radio is one of the least secure means of communicating.

Cradle your weapon in your arms and keep its muzzle off the ground. Do not let PWs bunch up, spread out too far, or start diversions. If you are crossing an obstacle, such as a barbed-wire fence or a wall, and get caught in the light of an aerial flare, crouch low and stay down until the flare burns out.

The paper sheets turn dark green, yellow, or red on contact with liquid V-type nerve agents, G-type nerve agents, or blister mustard agents, respectively they do not detect vapor. If your unit must stay in the contaminated area, it is best to stay in a dug-in position with overhead cover.

The hole should be about one-half meter 18 to 20 in deep. Cover the dirt with the sod and camouflage it.


Enabled Amazon Best Sellers Rank: The shape of a helmet is easily recognized. However, neither of maanual can observe or fire into your sectors of fire while under it.

If you hear the firing of an aerial flare while you are moving, hit the ground behind cover if possible while the flare is rising and before it bursts and illuminates. With your firing hand, grasp your weapon sling at the upper sling–swivel. East Dane Designer Men’s Fashion. Dig the platform fiele ground level, like that for an M60 machine gun except deeper.

Full text of “FM Combat Skills of the Soldier”

Biological agents are hard to detect in early stages of use. This chapter prescribes active and passive pro- tection measures that will avoid or ,anual the effects of NBC weapons. It travels at the speed of light along straight lines and has high penetrating power. Wash all mess gear after each meal. Some things that may not seem important to you may be important to your commander.

Use only authorized codes. Put support logs 10 to 15 cm 4 to 6 in in diameter on top of each ary along the entire length of the frontal and rear cover. Put the tourniquet between the wound and where the in- jured limb joins the trunk. Dig your buddy’s compartment large enough for him and his equipment.