Buddhist forum about the Dhamma of Theravāda Buddhism. A discussion on all aspects of Theravāda Buddhism. Atanatiya Sutta. Dear Venerables, I read the Atanatiya sutta today. In it a Yakka asks the Buddha whether he can teach the Buddha a chant to protect his. Kumpulan Paritta – Paritta Suci Sang Buddha, Appasannehi nāthassa, sāsane sādhusammate; amanussehi candehi, sadā kibbisakāribhi.

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Homage to Konagamana Buddha, who had abandoned all evils and lived the holy life. I always felt skeptical about these gods surta appear in the suttas very rarely. How is the chanting of protective verses – or better: The Buddhas, the Peace-makers may always protect you to be happy.

Authenticity of Atanatiya sutta – Discussion – Discuss & Discover

Konagamanassa namatthu, brahmanassa vusimato; Kassapassa ca namatthu, vippamuttassa sabbadhi. If yakkas and devas are humans, deva loka must be manussa loka. Hi Mat, to answer your first question, have a read of this.

Vessabhussa ca namatthu, Nhatakassa tapassino; namatthu Kakusandhassa marasena-pamaddino. It is found in the third book of the Long Discourses. These seven and atanariya hundred crores of self-enlightened Buddhas are all equally peerless ones.

Paritta Atanatiya Sutta

These Patrons are equipped with eighteen virtues of the Buddha’s Dhamma. Of course more corruptions occured later on and in this case comparing Pali and agama versions are very suutta to detect these atanatiay corruptions but not the ones that occured before sects split. May all the dangers be eradicated. So what is the real story? Get the wanting out of waiting What does womanhood matter at all, when the mind is concentrated well, when knowledge flows on steadily as one sees correctly into Dhamma.


As far as comparative studies of deities, indeed that would be nice, let me know if you find anything. They are born with thirty two major characteristics and eighty minor characteristics of the great man.

Atanatiya Sutta

I think this might be a distinguishing feature. King Dutugamunu father was a Naga.

Dear Ajhan Sujato, What criteria do you apply to determine the authenticity of a sutta and how do they apply to atanatiyaa Atanatiya sutta? Therefore from this time forward do you show goodwill to the four royal races. May you be free from all scorching worries.

They are born and come to an end spontaneously. Homage to Buddha Gotama, whose body shined with radiating haloe, the son of Sakyan and with splendorous glory, who expounded this doctrine which eradicates all sufferings.

All these Buddhas, are noble sages, who shine with the surrounding halo of about the length of one stretched-arm. From what I gather the Atanatiya sutta…: Authenticity of Atanatiya sutta Discussion. According to the commentary, King Vessvanna had a town called Atanata where the four great kings of the celestial regions assembled and recited this Paritta.


In the southern region, there are great powerful gods devas They may also protect us to be healthy and happy. You distinguish the type of being from the context. Ven Brahmali and I discussed these issues in some detail, so this should give you some background.

They all are endowed with immense radiation light, of almighty power, of infinite wisdom, and of immutable strength.

There are some powerful deities residing within the jurisdiction atanaatiya this religion. Catumaharajika gods are part of the EBT heavenly realms. What criteria do you apply to determine the authenticity of a sutta and how do they apply to the Atanatiya sutta?

Homage also to Vessabhu Buddha, washed clean from atanztiya defilements and endowed with ascetic spirit. A person who belong to the Naga tribe was referred as a Naga. But that your shaking gets better with chanting the Atanatiya sutta is certain.

Dhamma Wheel

May the calamities do not occur to you. I have to admit that I have never taken the trouble to learn it. When the night had passed the Buddha addressed the monks to learn the Atanata paritta by heart, to constantly use of it, and atanafiya bear it in mind.

These, including Kuvera, are Vedic in origin.