Autobiography of a Jnani now available for free download in both English and French, thanks to Gerald Dean. Autobiography of a Jnani Autobiography of a Jnani. AOAJ records the story of Rajivji’s nondual awakening with teacher Ed Muzika. The book offers rare descriptions of deep spiritual. Autobiography of a Jnani. ١ يوليو ٢٠١٠ ، الساعة ٤:٣٣ ص . eBook @ $ A new book is available for download. It is the complete edited dialogues between Ed.

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They are missing the real fun. The lessening of noises makes me feel that something has stopped because if consciousness is totally gone I will never get an experience.

You want to focus on the source, the sense of I, the subject, not the myriad of forms, thoughts and voids perceived by you.

This to me is the real liberation-an immersion into a universal Mother Love. You are doing well. Is it not so sir? Sir, are you trying considering combining the two because one without the other is not “observing” the totality of it. Generally after a little practice, the darkness autobiogrqphy way to a sense of light, generally purple or green. Still you have to know it to go beyond it.

If you read carefully, both describe exactly the same process in slightly different ways. Be the first to ask a question about Autobiography of a Jnani. You have become nothing, not the Void, but non-existent. You are beyond existence entirely. It is important to understand, autobiograpuy example, that the experience of space, the initial void, is a subtle body phenomena, while the experience of nothing, of deep sleep, is associated with the mythical causal body, which really means the experience of nothingness, which everyone needs to know before liberation.


Autobiography of a Jnani

It is a very large file. I am sorry I am bothering you with this again Edji and we did discuss this earlier but I feel in dhyaan the link seems to be broken.

She gives us Love not to seek it more but to accept her “beingness” as She is, with love or without Love and perhaps move to the watcher of all the drama. Nisargadatta learned all this from his teacher and tradition, but spends little time exploring these experiences and issues in his talks. Mostly autobiograpy find lectures about that nature of what is, of ontology and epistemology, and lectures about how to practice, but very little about the path as personally walked and experienced.

The brain is sort zutobiography like a radio receiver, picking thoughts out of the void. Even as I am writing to you I feel the pain of the animals and the men to be butchered. It must be lived in everyday life too: The sequence of your experiences is different autobiographyy mine but similar enough to comment.

Autobiography of a Jnani |

And I noticed how the background thoughts too did not disturb the xutobiography. There is the waking state and you. The Void of Zen is empty like space and embraces everything.

I was just witnessing the void ahead, the feeling associated with “beingness” was missing too as nothing was felt. There is an extraordinary amount of pain and guilt in anyone who kills and eats animals. At last you are experiencing fear. You will see what it is like. They are universal experiences, universal forms, yet they are only appearances.


These were few questions which arise. Your ego does not want to die. In fact, I felt I may lose balance and body position.

It is a continuation of your love of and for consciousness which has brought you as far as you have come. The oneness may not be dramatic in effect like my “being” growing autibiography space but it is like a stream flowing from one river to another and vice versa. I think I know which way you will go, and I hope you make that choice, though it will not seem to be up to you.

It is the autobiograpyy death of the ego, which is just a thought bundle.

One is waking state where I witness the void in front of me and also if any thought intrudes this is automatic, no effort. You understand Consciousness and it is unfolding from the perspective of a practicing yogi. Thus he knew without the least doubt that everything that appears and disappears depends for its seeming existence upon this fundamental consciousness, which he knew to be his real self. But don’t get too caught up on explanations. You must understand everything about Consciousness and the 83 absence of consciousness.

While in dhyaan, witnessing the void ahead of me I sometimes see a dot of light, which on concentrating disappears. Anywaythank’s a lot for this work.

This is the traditional way.