An SMLT/SLT is Avaya’s proprietary equivalent to Cisco’s Virtual PortChannel feature. When do you use one over the other, SMLT or SLT?. It was recently pointed out to me that I had never written a post documenting how to configure SMLT to a edge/closet switch. While there are. Multi-link trunking (MLT) is a link aggregation port trunking technology developed at Nortel in . SMLT is supported within the following Avaya Ethernet Routing Switch (ERS) and Virtual Services Platform (VSP) Product Families: ERS

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What should the algorithm and distribution-mode be? This avaga provides excellent bandwidth and redundancy, and is capable of supporting approximately small campus to medium campus users when adding switches or stacks at the edge for scalability. Next create the MLT at the edge: Sign up Already have an account? This automatic redistribution is accomplished in less than half a second typically less than millisecond [1] so no outage is noticed by end users.

ERS config -if spanning-tree bpdu -filtering enable. Learn more about our cookies. The core configuration is finished! USFite, Jr. Take the following scenario with SMLT: This command will enable CP-Limit to protect the core network from too many Multicast or amlt packets flooding the link.

Wikimedia Commons has media related to Nortel. For real-world network traffic this generally results in an effective bandwidth for the logical link equal to the sum of the bandwidth of the individual physical links.


Hi Mikail, This comment is kinda off-topic for this specific blog post. Views Read Edit View history. ERS config interface vlan This command svaya discard any non Automatic redistribution is accomplished in less than half a second typically less than milliseconds [9] so no outage is noticed by end users.


ERS config vlan members remove 1 The use of SMLT not only allows traffic to be load-balanced across all the links in an aggregation group but also allows traffic to be redistributed very quickly in the event of link or switch failure. An edge switch uses the SMLT to send out a packet that needs to be routed, and that packet due to the traffic hashing algorithms of link aggregation protocols has a small to large chance of hitting the switch in the cluster that is not the VRRP master, so the core switch that received the packet must forward it across the IST link to the other agaya switch that is designated as the master.

Here is a diagram of the topology for this implementation:. ERS config vlan ports 1,2,3,4 tagging tagAll filter-untagged-frame enable.

You are commenting using avayz Twitter account. To include ports as trunk group members of an MLT, you must statically configure the ports. CP-Limit will shutdown the link to try and protect the core network. ERS sm,t -if spanning-tree learning fast. This can be a valuable defense measure in protecting your network. Learn how your comment data is processed. Here is a diagram of the topology for this implementation: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your smpt here This is a best practice recommendation by Avaya to help reduce the ARP broadcast storms that can result when the FDB table expires a large number of entries which then in turn causes them to be removed from the ARP table causing the switch to re-ARP for them.

We use cookies to enhance and personalize your experience. Fault-tolerant design is an important aspect of Multi-Link Trunking technology. Scanning file for viruses. The IST ports are also tagged trunks.


ERS config -if vlan mgmt If you need LACP, just add that keyword at the end. Salett December 17, avsya Retrieved 2 Sep Please try again in a few minutes. If this still does not resolve the loop, the secondary switch will disable its uplinks, isolating them and preventing the rest of the network from being affected by the loop: ERS config -if spanning-tree bpdu -filtering timeout 0.

What would happen if the edge switch was accidentally factory reset with avxya uplinks still connected?

Thank you for this post, it helps me a lot to validate my own configuration. Email required Address never made public.

MLT on Exos to work with Avaya MLT/SMLT | Extreme Networks Support Community

Previous Post Why two addresses? Send Back to overview. Company Private Only you and moderators can see this information. ERS config vlan create 30 name mgmt type port. ERS config vlan members add 30 ,47, You can choose which cookies you want to accept.

In a network using SMLT, it is often no longer necessary to run a spanning tree protocol of any kind since there are no logical bridging loops introduced by the presence of the IST. MultiLink Trunking MLT is a point-to-point connection that aggregates multiple ports to logically act like a single port, with the aggregated bandwidth.

You should repeat the commands above in Step 2 on both Avaya Ethernet Routing Switch s, substitute the appropriate IP address and ports.