Find great deals for Aztek Testors A Metal Airbrush Set Wood Case. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Aztek hobbytools in scale No, A released in 20?? | Contents, Reviews, History + Marketplace | Airbrushing. Aztek: All products, news and built models from company Aztek. A +. ActionsStash. No Ultimate Metal Airbrush Kit w/ Wood Case (Aztek A).

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I do still have the Aztek although I don’t know why as I never use it, probably because it cost so much to buy I can’t face getting rid of it!

I use my Aztek for mostly acrylic paints and have not used much in the way of “hot” solvents or cleaning fluids on it aztwk it works for me. I love the Aztek S that you sometimes can find under other brands.

Aztek Testors A7778 Metal Airbrush Set Wood Case

With a traditional you can adjust the brush so that with the first pull of the trigger all you will get is air, but with an Aztek it is usual for the nozzle to be set where with the first pull of the trigger you will get paint and air so you have to adjust the ferruled wheel to stop the paint flow. For details of delivery costs and times by country please click here.

In the box you can find:. Several important points showed up in the letter. Reviews 1 Product rating 5 out of 5 stars. The smallest tip for acrylic is 0.


Aztek — has several nozzle tips limited to 6 tan, grey, turquoise, white, black and red or orange — not sure. Obviously this guy is quite skilled, but its unique design has good potential.

But if we look at width of final lines, hmmm.

Aztek Airbrush Review (7778)

The Grex never gave a moments problem. It served me well. Spare parts for airbrush gun itself are bit difficult to get.

You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. It is not the Airbrush I pick for the finest work, there I am more used to the tradisional brushes. I don’t know the design history of the Aztek line of x7778 but I think they wanted to rethink airbrush design and did a fine job of it.

Aztek Airbrush Review ()

Hello, To give You some info: Azhek can not only switch regimes but even adjust them. Aztek — is the same as but airbrush body is plastic so it is probably the cheapest one.

To give You some info: Write a review Your x7778. Topnotch run a basic class where you get to use the Grex for an afternoon so its great to be able to put it through its paces before the big spend.

That Finescale link wasn’t very helpful. I azhek owned 2 metal A There is a very good post on the Aircraft Resources forum that will walk you through how to free up the needle and repair that problem if your trigger freezes up.

Aztek Airbrushes Master Professional Metal Airbrush Set – A – £

My trigger is the same one from new. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. When it worked, it worked well, when it didn’t, there was nothing I could ever do to make it a77778 except clean it and a77788 it away, then try again months later.


With an Aztek the best way to adjust the needle to with the ferruled wheel. I found one bug, nozzle tips.

Hi All, I’m in a little bit of a quandry as to what airbrush to upgrade to. Currently using an Iwata and Paasche, and the Aztek sits in a box on the shelf, collecting dust.

So try to find optimal combination for you. Thanks for the advice and aztdk guys. Reservoirs are the same but instead of 12ml one there is another special 2. I have only the plastic or resin bodied Aztek air brushes, but I think this also applies to the metal bodied Azteks too because the internals are the same only the outside has changed not the internal workings.

It boils down to atek matter of taste, like do you prefer a PC or an Apple ‘puter? The whole process is so quick that I spent about 30 minutes to test all the nozzle tips with base coat included.

Posted April 5, The pedal is fluent with a bit more of resistance than I expected.