BEARS DISCOVER FIRE by TERRY BISSON (). [VERSION (Aug 06 02). If you find and correct errors in the text, please update the version number by. Terry Bisson, Author Tor Books $ (p) ISBN Readers turn from “Bears Discover Fire,” a meditative tale that blends the. Bears Discover Fire and Other Stories [Terry Bisson] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Bears Discover Fire is the first short story collection .

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I sell crop insurance. Impressive how many different versions of the future the author envisioned for us. This one is probably best considered with some creeper flre a bonfire. I went back two nights later, after the funeral.

On the plus side, I liked his prose, but I don’t think I’ll try any of his other books since this one annoyed me so much. I brought her into the dayroom and combed her long white hair.

Oh no he di’int! She blamed the bears. During the course of the story, people find out that bears have indeed discovered fire.

But at least the idea was interesting. Terry Ballantine Bisson is an American science fiction and fantasy author best known for his short stories, including “Bears Discover Fire”which which won both the Hugo and Nebula awards, as well as They’re Made Out of Meatwhich has been adapted for video often.

Holding her hand, I felt it grow colder and colder in mine. I notice that I am not alone here. Wallace and I wrapped Mother in the bedspread and started with her body back out to the highway. December by Carrie Vaughn Interview: It went back on but it was weak. I don’t think that Bobby is intended to be an unreliable narrator. Sometimes his stories feel like nothing happened in them, but there’s also something interesting in that too.


Jul 09, J. The only trick to mounting a tire by hand, once you have beaten or pried it onto the rim, is setting the bead. A collection of, for the most part, bad-assed sci-fi and terru fiction, including some great southern gothic stories about lobster-fighting truck drivers of the future, self-aware raccoons i think?

While a decent tale, I was not as impressed by the Hugo Award winning title story and am not sure why it is so highly regarded. That to me was the point at which Mother departed this life. A few months later, I’m reading “Bears Discover Fire and Other Stories” which, I’m finding out, contains two types of short stories, kind of a left-side right-side of the brain division: Terry Bisson is a science fiction writer who lives in California.

The narrator’s elderly mother disappears from her nursing home, and he and his nephew find her sitting around ferry fire with a silent group of bears. His mother is in a nursing home and Bobby visits her three times a week.

Since it was a left rear tire, I pulled over to the left, onto the median grass. When we first took Mother to the Home almost four years forty-seven months ago, she told Wallace and me she was ready to die. Maybe they were watching from the newberry bushes as Wallace Jr. Beggars in Spainby Nancy Kress. This set of short stories makes me wonder if the author was working on a Philip K.

Bears also seemed to have mellowed out and are not a threat to people.

Science Fiction & Fantasy

Nov 21, Susan rated it it was amazing. Queers Destroy Science Fiction! Tell me what you think! It brings together nineteen of Bissoon finest works for the first time in one volume, among them the darkly comic title story, which garnered the field’s highest honors, including the Hugo, Nebula, Theodore Sturgeon, and Locus awards.


Some characters there were even talking about hunting them. They had quit hibernating, and were apparently planning to spend the winter djscover the medians of the interstates. In a clearing under a big hollow beech, where the fire fkre been, we found nothing but ashes. The nurse said she had been agitated all day.

Plus, old folks exaggerate a little. This is a very sweet and charming story. Meanwhile the average human is just insensitive.

Bisson occasionally seems to just create a very strange idea, and just play it out to see what happens, hit or miss. My brother is a Minister House of the Righteous Way, Reformed but he makes two-thirds of his living in real estate.

Bears Discover Fire

It was about gone. Aug 18, Delbert rated it really liked it Shelves: The narrator discver feels bison if the bears did it, they had a right to do so: Every Fall as the leaves change, she gets restless, maybe the word is hopeful, again. The Shadow Knows One of the longest stories in the collection, this first contact science fiction story is about the only one not written tongue in cheek. This is the first of Terry Bisson that I’ve read.