Comments. I searched Wikipedia to find information on blood type diets because I read about which you can read here: % 20Diets% Blood group B is, according to D’Adamo, the nomad, associated with a strong immune system and a flexible digestive system. technology have helped rebuild and normalize the bodily systems so they can function (internet search: “Biotype Diets ”). Generally. Characterizing Neurotrophic Systems in the Primate Amygdala That are Relevant to Reward Learning Capacity in Binge Eating Disorder.

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I helped craft this semi-neutral page and it was a tooth and nail fight to balance the views of diet advocates and skeptics.

Talk:Blood type diet/Archive 1 – Wikipedia

Please compare the claim that there are no scientific evidence that elderberry can cure common flu with this wikipedia article which claims the opposite http: My suspicion is that those are easier to cut out than they are to refute. The degree of inappropriate permeability varies. D’Adamo has successfully rebutted those criticisms on his own site here: Although I wrote this paper over 25 years ago, I think it should still be read by any clinician who doubts the widespread activity of ABO antigens outside the blood stream and their consistent association with disorders of the digestive tract.

Everyone is welcome to continue this discussion at Crackhead Awards. The article is very poorly written, citations are abused and misapplied. Don’t try and tell them they have to believe in it. Although it has the ring of the scientist, the facts are incorrect. NPOV approach to this article is to present it in as encyclopedic manner as possible, being careful not to “poison the well” by using WP: The term Lectin was defined in to describe plant proteins that clump blood.

If you are could you please admit that or state that you work with him before editing the page. This is an archive of past discussions. If someone was going to paste up a pure opinion by Putzai, why not get another lectinologist Gerhard Uhlenbruck to provide another?


This article has glaring NPOV issues and should never have languished so long. However, I’m not prepared to spend time and energy trying to reverse this decision as I doubt it will be easy.

I have no intentions of trying to insert these opinions into the article because I do understand the difference beteween fact and opinion. As for the diet and exercise advise, type A’s are told to avoid corn, wheat and meat don’t be a meat eater! Above was contributed under the heading From Peter D’Adamo.

Moreover, populations are mixed blood-types, so diet societies where people regularly consume dairy products one can reasonably expect that they are not all “B” blood bioytpe.

The citations lack depth. Alteripse, I’d like to be worthy of your trouble. This stub does not contain any science at all. Type O is universal, whereas type A is predominant from the fertile cresent radiating outward in decreasing amounts. Oz, is an American-Turkish cardiothoracic surgeon who has a ‘little light reading for all. Also claiming that there is “consensus” among literally thousands of various health professionals that the blood type diet ‘has no scientific basis’ is a near impossibility; its a very poor, black-and white absolutiststatement logically and statistically nearly impossible and makes the article opening lose credibility and look like an opinion piece.

Wikipedia should require people to watch a video, or read an article, on neutral writing style before allowing them to edit. Again, sexual stereotyping, perhaps subtle but definitely there. Your rejection of their hypothesis does not constitute a “consensus,” nor has there been sufficient scientific investigation of the hypothesis to warrant your claim that a “consensus” has been reached “that the theory is unsupported by scientific evidence.


Talk:Blood type diet/Archive 1

D’Adamo bases this on the belief that O blood type was the first blood type, originating 30, years ago. If you view referencesthe jne mantra is “no scientific evidence” making a detailed scientific discussion difficult.

These sources are valid for the article, but they are not being properly employed by scholarly writing standards. Most do not represent comprehensive scientific studies of the subject.

I am quite underwhelmed by the lack of scientific evidence to support blood type diets. Disputing the science behind this theory by citing shortcomings in a book obviously written for the mass market, while ignoring or excluding a much more intellectually intense primary body of work just illustrates the superficiality of the whole Wikipedia systej, and prompts me to dispute the neutrality of this article.

One of the main writers obviously has an agenda and camps out here on a personal crusade. The Title is oddly ‘general’ but the arguments against a blood based diet are directed towards a specific source with a tone of malice directed specifically towards an author of a book that was written on the subject in an apparent attempt to discredit him, which if the creator of the pages wants to attempt to possibly read the actual book verse covering the Cliff’s notes about it, this page could possibly have merit within the governing guidelines of wkipedia.

Until a serious and unbiased attempt is made to examine all the facts, not just posting references to unsupported criticisms that have their own agendas be they vegetarian diets or a generalized dislike of alternative medicine I will stress the need to call the entire neutral stance of the article into question.