Bone Gnawers Tribebook (Werewolf: The Apocalypse) [Sam Chupp, Bill Bridges] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. RPG Book. The third Tribebook looks at the Children of Gaia: their enduring history, legends and behavior, as told by a Child of Gaia sage. This heavily. Bone Gnawers. I haven’t seen the original version of the Bone Gnawers tribebook , so I’m only going to discuss what’s in the new one. In the world of Werewolf.

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I’ll grant that the interchapter art is alright, but everything else sucks. It can sell pretty well at a pawnshop.

FATAL & Friends — Tribebook: Bone Gnawers

Elliott rated it liked it Jan 19, The echoes of those three days still persist in the Atrocity realm. Still, all Gnawers are encouraged to ride the rails at least once. On to Level 2 gifts, then. Struggling gives a Bone Gnawer access to Resources, as he has a minimum wage job.

But, they also have a way to at least more tangibly fight the corruption of the world. At any level, the car is the Coolest Car.

The thews of the mighty wolf! The urge for exploration eventually led the Gnawers to the New World. There is some truth to this.


Bone Gnawers Tribebook (1st Edition) by Bill Bridges

That made the followers of Rat not too inclined to strike the first blow against Set the blood god. They also get 2 dice in Athletics and Empathy to share. Together, the two tribes ruled the bootlegging industry.

They work with City Fathers, trash spirits, and other incarnations of the contemporary world. Look at Desperate Strength.

Rite of No Trespassing does the same thing, but allows many werewolves to cooperate, making the Willpower roll more difficult. The contra side is taken triibebook by Victor Bonecrusher, a Gnawer Metis. Mical rated it liked it Apr 07, Rite of the Leash is a very severe punishment rite that attaches a leash to a Gnawer for breaking a law, humiliating him.

Their rites incorporate a milieu of pop cultural references. Want to Read saving…. Then the Great Depression came around. Hitching Glove compels a driver to pick you tnawers when hitchhiking. Leslie rated it it was ok Oct 13, They also get Reshape Object from the homid Gift list.

Ellison accuses the rabble of sneaking into different septs without introducing themselves and helping themselves to valuable resources. The werewolf can also send psychic messages across a certain distance, across the state at its highest level. They became more involved in human affairs than ever, raising funds, defending tent cities.

I ask this opportunity not merely for my own sake — but for the sakes of all those whose voices were never heard. The Gnawers tend to leave behind illegitimate children.


Spirit Radio is a little bit more inspired. Generosity is a big deal among the Bone Gnawers.

What his conspiracy is up to is unclear. From the tribebook, Dead End allows the Bone Gnawer to create a misleading graffiti tag or redirect a street sign to prevent someone from tracking him. The Apocalypse 1e Tribebooks 1 – 10 of 13 books.

The rabble includes Garou with a variety of talents, most which involve violence and crime.

Bone Gnawers Tribebook

To prevent this, rabble members often join impromptu packs to accomplish discrete tasks, like finding shelter or planning a convenience store robbery. David Hirt rated it really liked it Feb 01, It allows a Gnawer to receive the benefits of a pack totem without actually joining the pack. Fuck those guys, with their socialism and their gun control. Those Silent Striders who follow the Egyptian totems still are welcome among the Gnawers, however.