The Lions of Lucerne is a spy novel published in and written by American novelist Brad Thor. Contents. 1 Plot; 2 Reviews; 3 References; 4 External links. Brad Thor’s thriller in the Scot Harvath series, The Lions of Lucerne. The Lions of Lucerne Buy it Here. Stubbs and Wootton Slippers $ – Buy It Here. Vin de Constance $ – Buy It Here. H&K MP5.

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I serve the Federal Republic of Switzerland. A shadowy coalition comprises some of the highest-ranking officia On the snowy Utah slopes, thirty Secret Service agents are viciously executed and the vacationing president of the United States kidnapped, seemingly by the Fatah, a lethal terrorist organization in the Middle East.

It becomes more a bard novel. The plot is pretty standard Brad Thor, but the writing is a bit stunted, with too many awkward descriptive phrases–probably symptomatic of first authors, first novels.

This meant that the missing weapons case was being led by the very disagreeable Deputy Federal Attorney, Urs Schnell. Publishing industry trade magazines were generally negative. It’s even worse when the same character does it all alone. Tasked as main bodyguard to the President’s daughter, he goes from hero to scapegoat in a small matter of time.

The story just grabs you by the eyeballs and keeps applying pressure. The supposedly “highly trained” mercenaries hunting Harvath just stand and spray bullets ineffectively. Hence the reason and hte reason for deducting half a star. Discover what to read next.

I have told you I would be of no value to your investigation, yet you pursued me nonetheless. On the snow-covered slopes of Utah, the President of the United States has been kidnapped and his Secret Service detail massacred. An avalanche occurs and the president is kidnapped. That evening, she agonized over what to wear.

The author tthe also have us believe that Scot is very smart and good at his job, but this isn’t really evidenced by the text. There’s a big speech about a wine, there’s the closeted, but powerful Senator with a secret lover, who – in rhe another subplot – cozied himself up to the Senator because his previous boyfriend was the Senator’s previous boyfriend as well, and the boyfriend was killed in a driveby shooting with another man.


Without even consulting her, Miner ordered dessert for the two of them. Scott Harvath works the Presidential detail, but this particular day, he is escorting the president’s teenage daughter around the ski slopes at Park City, Utah. It dealt with the upcoming ski vacation United States president Jack Rutledge was to take with his daughter, Amanda, and what it would cost American taxpayers. But sometimes an ill-researched story is blatantly, and painfully, obvious.

His travels take him to Switzerland, where he meets a beautiful and smart intelligence officer. oions

The Lions of Lucerne | Book by Brad Thor | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

She counted this as one small victory in the series of sharp defeats that had been their lunch. The luons story is full of accidental discoveries, charmed life-saving instances, the complete stupidity of the villains who are otherwise extremely intelligent in committing the most difficult of the crime and coincidences that break open the crime.

You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. But hey, as it turned out, it wasn’t that it was outre right-wing that turned me off, but that when it comes down to it I’m the kind of gal who believes Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone to assassinate President John F. Pretty cheezy in my opinion.

Will he live long enough to rescue the President? This fast paced novel is hard to put down. The sign of lcerne fantastic thriller is the desire to stay up much later than you ought to trying to fly through the book as quickly as possible. Should you wish to attempt to compel me to answer, I assure you your efforts will be met with much resistance. Very off to keep on reading whatever Brad Thor puts out there.


Amanda and Harvath survive. At the end of all of this it just seemed ludicrous to me that he had somehow managed to survive all this and keep on trucking like nothing happened. Are there odd Mormons?

While the thir is occurring Harvath gets tangled in his assault rifle strap, which starts to choke him to death however, Mueller has enough time to climb between meters of sheer ice to pull him up before he runs out of oxygen. The faults of a first-time novelist have presumably been corrected. View all 5 comments. The idea for the division—known as Der Nebel or, most appropriately, The Fog, in English—stemmed from training Miner had received while on U.

Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. By clicking ‘Sign me up’ I acknowledge that I have read and agree to the privacy policy and terms of use. On August 3,Brad Thor announced on Facebook: How this has not been made into a movie yet is beyond me.

The action scenes were interesting, but they felt like every gunfight movie I have ever seen.

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After a fine day of skiing, the president and his daughter get a snack before heading to a borrowed chalet at the end of one of the more dangerous runs, the Death Chute nice foreshadowing eh?

Book 1 of The Scot Harvath Series. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. Many of the facades were decorated with frescoes depicting Swiss life.

Free eBook offer available to NEW subscribers only. Since the first book “sets” the character I decided to read it first and I wasn’t disappointed. Jan 13, Chuck rated it it was amazing.