Bree and the Barrow-Downs (Middle Earth Role Playing/MERP) [Heike Kubasch] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This adventure module. Retrospective: Bree and the Barrow-Downs. This is the first in a trilogy of undead modules, as I like to think of them, the others being Erech and. The Barrow-downs, or Tyrn Gorthad, was an area of low hills located to the east of the Shire and the Old Forest, and west of the village of Bree. They were made.

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There’s a real feeling of foreboding evil that saturates Bree’s atmosphere without going over the top. The region has been almost continuously inhabited since the First Age.

Tyrn Gorthad was first made and inhabited by “forefathers” of the Edain in the First Age. Bree and the Barrow-Downs.

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I supported becauseā€¦ “The BruSteve chimera is an abomination! Please select a support frequency. There are arial views for the villages of Bree, Staddle, Archet, and Combe.


There’s something primal about Bree and the Barrow-Downsand not just because it was ICE’s first adventure-sized module. Hearing Frodo, Tom came with haste to the barrow and dispelled the evil spirit from the tomb.

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First Age barrows, the royal barrows of Arnor’s kings fromand the barrows of Cardolan’s kings and princes Fleeing the Black Riders in September of TAFrodo Baggins and his three companions came and were ensnared by a wight in one of the numerous barrows. Just as cooks pray for a good crop of young animals and fishermen for a good haul of fish, in the same way busybodies pray for a good crop of calamities or a good haul of difficulties that they, like cooks and fishermen, may always have something to fish out and butcher.

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Bree and the Barrow-Downs. Skill Based buy or gain skills. In The Lord of the Rings Online: Contents [ show ]. Albeit a playable race with unholy strength modifiers. Twilight, I only meant to stay awhile Twilight, I gave you time to steal my mind Away from me.


Not far away lie the eerie barrow-tombs of the cursed Kings of Cardolan This page has been accessed 8, times. These grassy hills hold the graves of the Kings, Queens, Princes and aristocrats of Arnor. I wonder how many people ever chose to play trolls?


Home Recent Additions Welcome Wiki. Not far away lie the eerie barrow-tombs of the cursed Kings of Cardolan Barrrow downs lay within the bounds of Cardolan in the region of Eriador.

The oldest and largest of the barrows is named “Othrongroth”. Retrieved from ” http: Here at the crossroads of the northern Dunedain Kingdom is located the old surviving settlement of Hobbits, the village of Bree.

In a skirmish, up to eight armies can play there. Class Based Pilot, Wizard, Scientist, etc. My own copies of the various regional sourcebooks e. Tags separate by space: