But Wayne Grudem introduces a novel concept: business itself glorifies God See how your business, and your life in business, can be dedicated to GodÕs glory. Grudem offers solid guidance for avoiding marketplace temptations while simultaneously Business for the Glory of God () by Wayne Grudem. (96 pages) Can business activity in itself be morally good and pleasing to God? Sometimes business can seem so shady–manipulating the “bottom line,”.

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No mention of unjust trade practices by rich nations, no mention of corruption in developed nations or crimes such as slavery and colonialism or undemocratic practices in our own institutions. Not exactly deep and the arguments were surface driven. Grudem argues that the basic components of market economics– private property, entrepreneurship, trade, competition, employment, profit, money, inequality, lending, even a fractional reserve banking system are not “neutral” as we often assume, but rather inherently God-instituted and God-glorifying while also containing the potential for misuse and sin.

Or sometimes it considered outright evil. Grudem was biblical, consistent, practical, and at times humorous. Wish he would have separated the two more to talk about it more. But, through an unwavering faith, as strong as the Mount of Zion I chose so.

While extreme wealth and extreme poverty are both considered ‘bad things’ there’s no way of drawing a line, no attempt at working out how some inequality is good but too much inequality is bad. Books by Wayne A.

In the first area of consideration, ownershipGrudem draws his readers to one of the Ten Commandments in Exodus To ask buwiness readers questions about Business for the Glory of Godplease sign up. Great little book for any Christian in business.


But who are these agents of the devil?

Grudem brings the heat at how awesome business is or can be glorifying to God. Feb 08, Kingsley Layton rated it it was amazing Shelves: Ne fakt, waynf eshte e vertet sepse ne mund te imitojme Perendine ne biznes gjate nderveprimeve me klientet, koleget, punonjesit tane, si dhe me bizneset e tjera.

I highly recommend it.

What a great way to give glory to God! The definition gid “poverty” varies among societies, for some it’s a standard of living, others it’s a gini coefficient– inequality. Again, this can sometimes be a confusing approach, particularly when not rounded out by other reasoning. Good Read Good quick easy read.

So paying the brain surgeon what the MacDonald server makes is inherently unfair. Would of like more explanations and more focus on solutions to negatives in business. Tho, in his defense he seemed to task himself with pointing out the obvious. The reason poor countries are poor are because of poor governance, massively inefficient bureaucracies all of which is true but it’s not the whole story.

There is also a touching naivety about it, that we the consumers set the price for the goods we pay – or we simply would stop buying them p41it seems that despite food riots around the world and rising fears about energy costs at home not everything lgory subject to Dr Grudem’s laws.

He doesn’t say, which really makes it seem like straw man arguments are being used. Want to Read saving….

We are also able to gain from efficiencies through specialization of labor, producing more than what could be done as independent entities. Gloy those already familiar with the Protestant work ethic there probably isn’t anything in here that you are not already aware of. In other cases, he seems to be cherry-picking and proof-texting his personal opinions. Accumulating and hoarding too much, serving money as an idol.


Business for the Glory of God: The Bible’s Teaching on the Moral Goodness of Business

Business appears to us as synonymous with greed and corruption. Each chapter starts off a phrase: Grudem wants readers to know that business, standing alone, can glorify God — not just when it’s harnessed as an evangelistic tool though he agrees this is can also be beneficial to the kingdom when used in such a manner.

References to this book Establishing a Successful Business: A must read for anyone who wrestles with guilt from owning a profitable business. Mar 11, Justin Tapp rated it liked it Shelves: Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Business for the Glory of God – Wayne Grudem

If you are in business and you are a Christian, this is a must read. Our production from the earth is also part of the process of cultivating the earth, subduing it, and gruddm what comes from it Gen gof Do te kem nje deshmi per te ndare ne te ardhmen sesi jeta ime ne biznes do ti perkushtohet perlevdimit te Perendise.

While some may look at such conclusions and remark, “Wow! Lists with This Book. At what point does borrowing money become unwise?