Awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature, Camilo José Cela has long been .. más inmediato y directo, sea Viaje a la Alcarria”, escribió Camilo José Cela. Information on Journey to the Alcarria by Camilo José Cela. A famous travel book by Camilo José Cela where his offers his impressions Viaje a la Alcarria. Title: Viaje a LA Alcarria. Publisher: Espasa-Calpe SA, España. Publication Date: Binding: Rustica. Book Condition: Como Nuevo. About this title.

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He made a rule to stay only one night in each place, not planning his itinerary in advance, but deciding each day which direction to take. Los tres son mordaces sin exhibirse, puros en el retrato naturalista y sagaz la textura de su discurso cuando nos llevan a la tierra de nadie de la existencia. He is, however, less kind with animals.

There were some amusing characters encountered along the way and a few moments when I laughed out loud at some of his experiences. The aesthetic sensibility of the time was marked by a different, freer attitude towards joose and life.

Journey to the Alcarria: Travels through the Spanish Countryside by Camilo José Cela

Then he moves on. Overall, I enjoyed this book despite its lack of plot or character development. I felt that Cela really captured the beauty and atmosphere of the countryside.

Trivia About Journey to the Al In the latter they now have a Tapestry Museum where they keep the 15century Flemish tapestries that Cela denounced for their having been transferred to Madrid. Uno de los mejores libros del siglo XXal decir de Saramago. Its honey is as legendary as its castles. Es cierto que la historia en si no existe, pero los personajes y las situaciones tienen una autenticidad impresionante.


All written in a prose mixing a realist and comic tone.

Journey to the Alcarria – Wikipedia

He spent around nine days visiting various small towns, sleeping in local inns and talking to those people he met during his wanderings. Share Add to favourites. It is the way I like to explore a region, too, although I have never done so on foot. I would absolutley love to read something like this from there. Maybe it’s because, even though they don’t realize it very clearly, a third-class passenger would always be glad to change places with another, even if the other were third-class too.

Journey to the Alcarria.

Journey to the Alcarria: Travels through the Spanish Countryside

El castellano de Cela es escuela de florituras que nunca empalagan, culto y rural cuando amerita. And while it’s told in third person, Cela states in the preface that he’s aiming for a kind of literary realism akin to ‘geography’ based precisely on his time in the Alcarria, so we’re getting a similar ontological conviction to that of Lerner’s.

Topics In this section you can search among all our contents by topic to find the different resources available in Spain, such as museums, routes, destinations, monuments and many, many more.

Journey to the Joes is quiet and unassuming, observant and beautiful.

When the belly is empty and the mind filled with golden memories, the golden memories continually retreat and at last, though no one goes so far as to admit it, there is even doubt whether they ever existed and there is nothing left of them jkse a benevolent and useless cultural residue. The author recounts a trip he made to a mainly impoverished rural area of Spain.


He noted down his observations and then produced his Viaje a la Alcarria. The old inn where Cela spent one night has now been converted into a more grand accommodation and restaurant. View all 4 comments.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. IN he as awarded the Nobel Prize for literature. Readers are given virtually no information about the protagonist Cela or his intentions in wandering the countryside, but instead are taken along for the trip.

The book is neither character nor plot driven but rather is like a journal of travels.

Autonomous Regions This section provides access to the contents in each autonomous region by browsing through maps. He wrote about a walking tour he took alcarrionly 6 years after the end of the Spanish Civil War, in an area north-east of Madrid. Jan 21, Simon rated it liked it. Feb 10, Pip rated it really liked it Shelves: