View and Download Canon XF instruction manual online. HD Camcorder. XF Camcorder pdf manual download. Also for: Xf View and Download Canon XF instruction manual online. HD. XF Camcorder pdf manual download. Also for: Xf Download drivers, software, firmware and manuals for your Canon product and get access to online technical support Canon XF Your operating system.

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This limited warranty is only effective upon presentation of a bill of sale or other proof of purchase for these Products to a Canon Service Facility when repairs are required.

Canon XF : Canon XF Utility Instruction Manual Version Mac OS

Small ThumbnailsWChanges the display mode of the clips panel tosmall thumbnails. Photos Photo Operations Photo Operations You can use the photo menu to protect or unprotect a photo, delete a photo, or copy a custom picture file embedded in a photo.

At the press of a button, the camcorder will immediately return to record pause mode. Table of Contents 1.


Audio input into CH1 is recorded to channel 1, while audio input into CH2 is recorded to channel 2. Rec] is set to [Both], [Vertical] or [Horizontal]. The contextual menudisplayed will depend on the location of the mouse pointer canpn the time of clicking. Click the Close icon on the top left corner of the window. Select the operating mode using the d switch. Turn off the camcorder and back on again. Enter text from picture: Refer to Viewing the Software Instruction Manuals 0 for details on xv300 the manuals.


Onscreen Markers And Zebra Patterns Onscreen Markers and Zebra Patterns Using onscreen markers allows you to make sure your subject is correctly framed and is within the appropriate safe area. Video Scopes Recording Options [Type 1]: The following are just some of the many features that will help turn your creative vision into reality. Consult a Canon Service Center. Overview For the models listed below an optional feature upgrade is available for customers who wish to have the ability to change the system frequency setting between The video scopes appear only on the LCD screen.

Gamma The gamma curve changes the overall look of the image. Use the focus ring to adjust the focus. After you adjust custom picture settings and settings in the various menus, you can save those settings on an Cann card. There are 3 methods of image stabilization; select [l Camera Setup] the method that best suits df300 needs. The Equipment is warranted cznon normal, non-commercial, personal use, against defective materials or workmanship as follows: Please read this manua, carefully before you use the camcorder and retain it for future reference.

Higher values apply more sharpness to areas with higher frequencies. Handling Precautions Additional Information Handling Precautions Camcorder Be sure to observe the following precautions to ensure maximum performance.

Preparing the Camcorder Preparations Removing and Attaching the Terminal Covers Remove the covers for the following terminals in order to access them. There are sixteen possible characters: To delete such clips, delete the e mark beforehand. Custom picture files can be copied between the camcorder and recording media.

You can use the custom display function 0 to display or hide most of the screen displays. Setting the Time Code Recording The time code continues to run normally while the time code display is on hold.


If this does not solve the problem, consult a Canon Service Center. Photo Playback Photos You can view the photos that you took with the camcorder. Sets the autofocus mode to Instant AF.

Photos Taking Photos 1 Set an assignable button to [Photo] 0 Page Terminal covers For recording audio under usual conditions. You can select automatic or manual gain control. We recommend using the wireless controller or stabilizing the camcorder, for example, on a tripod. Synchronizing With An External Device b Synchronizing with an External Recording Device b Synchronizing with an External Device Using genlock synchronization, you can synchronize this camcorder’s video signal to that of an external video device.

Explore our latest range of video cameras. Page System error – Turn off the camcorder and back on again.

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Increase the aperture value F8 to F9. Important Usage Instructions Unauthorized recording of copyrighted materials may infringe on the rights of copyright owners and be contrary to copyright laws.

You can display the photo menu from the [Photos] index screen or photo playback screen. Even if no custom picture file is selected, the default settings are still applied to the picture. This setting is not available when the resolution is P. Shoot, share and sync with your smartphone.