A NGK lançou para o mercado de reposição duas linhas de velas especiais, G- Power e Iridium IX, possibilitando a utilização da tecnologia em automóveis que . NGK Glow Plug Types and Features ______ page Design Symbols used in NGK Glow Plugs ______ page .. Download NGK Catalogo de Velas. Dec 26, Car SUV LCV_____________________________page page page page page page page page page page page page page page page page.

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These vehicles have ignition systems with low capacity and if we install vleas plugs and resistive cables due to the use of electronic equipment, we must upgrade the ignition system. This measurement is performed to identify the most critical condition of the engine, and so in this condition is performed the pre-ignition testing which will determine the heat rating appropriate for the respective engine.

Catxlogo are extreme cases where can occur smelting of the central and side electrode, reaching even to disappear completely the electrodes.


E6 YAS 58 Which spark plug must be used in a conversion from gasoline to alcohol? Tapered seat type 14 x Dat komt doordat een aandraaimoment berekend wordt door twee grootheden met elkaar te vermenigvuldigen: Normally flash over occurs when the sparking voltage between the electrodes is very high, making it easier the occurrence of sparking between the terminal pin and the metal bonnet.

K LE, LB type: Casi todos los nuevos modelos de estas marcas pueden utilizarla.

Therefore, there is no way to indicate a spark plug for an engine that has been modified. The flash over is the passage of electric current between the spark plug terminal pin and the metal bonnet passing through the spark plug insulator and the ignition cable. When firing end is whitish, vitrified with granules or black points on the surface is a sign that occurred the overheating. Innholdet i denne listen er ikke juridisk bindende. NGK garanterer for feilfrihet og de egenskaper som beskrives i henhold til gjeldende teknologisk standard.

The spot that appears between the insulator and the metal bonnet is caused by gas leakage? With the entry of onboard electronics in vehicles, NGK has developed in the late s, resistive spark plugs that have a ceramic resistor which aims to reduce the electromagnetic interferences caused by ignition system.


The special powders that connect the isolator with the metal bonnet ensure a perfect seal to prevent the leakage of gas internal pressure of the combustion chamber. Aligned to new technologies applied to modern engines, NGK is making available on the market a new product that is the coil terminal. The electrodes made from a special alloy of nickel guarantee high durability.

The vehicles converted to CNG require greater tension of the ignition system for the formation of the spark in the spark plug, this occur in function of the characteristics of fuel CNG, therefore is very important the use of products of high quality.

If there is a short-circuit, the indicator will glow quickly and will burn. We aanvaarden geen enkele verantwoordelijkheid voor juridische claims als gevolg van de inhoud van dit overzicht. NGK safeguards for accuracy and the mentioned characteristics in accordance with the current state of the art technology.

This spark plug has a great advantage, because its spark occurs on the sides of the electrodes by increasing the energy of the flame front, providing a better fuel burning and also reducing the emission of polluting gases.

Also cagalogo with a tester to see if excess voltage has been applied to each glow plug. The high voltage coil is driven by the ignition wires to the spark plugs, where it is converted into a spark […]. Auto-sugestiona o comprador e melhora a venda. This practice is not recommended, because it can change the operation of the engine in the original fuel as well as the levels of emissions of cayalogo vehicle. Thus, it is necessary the application of a spark plug with better ignition velaas heat rating suitable to the engine.

Its main function is to conduct the electric current generated on the transformer to the combustion chamber, and turn it into high-voltage electric spark, which will start the combustion, i. Why is the firing end appearance of a spark plug important?

In addition to the materials used surface treatment due to corrosion caused by alcohol. Quedan excluidos de este punto el desgaste normal y cualquier forma de actividades deportivas.


CM Electrodo de masa oblicuo 19,00 mm, Rosca I: Mas agora existe uma alternativa melhor: The spark plug carbonization occurs when there is accumulation of coal in the spark plug firing end.

D This application list is only valid for type identification.

NGK Catalogo de Velas

Als een bougie uitvalt, is een verkeerd aandraaimoment meestal de oorzaak hiervan. We note that some spark plugs projects do not have grooves, in ctaalogo cases the spark plug insulator is longer, or we use noble materials such as Platinum and Iridium in the spark plug electrodes to reduce the voltage required for the sparking.

A3 BP6HS 18 In these circumstances we should not change the spark plug heat rating, and we can keep the same spark plug that was used when the engine was powered by gasoline. The spark plug dissipates heat caatalogo its isolator and velass plug isolator to the thread, passing from spark plug thread to the head, and from the head to the cooling system, i. La condition de base catallgo est une manipulation objective et correcte des produits NGK.

The coal is an cataolgo power conductor, therefore, a carbonized spark plug will suffer loss of insulation causing misfires. Por lo que el ajuste manual ya no es necesario. It is better to turn the glow plugs off for a short while and then try again. Autosugestiona al comprador y consolida las ventas.

The automakers guide in their manuals that in severe usage conditions of the vehicle the interval between maintenances should be reduced by half, that is, if the automaker establishes a spark plug exchanging period every 20, km, on condition of severe usage the exchange should be performed every 10, km. Kataloogis antud soovitused ei kehti lennukitele paigaltatud, FAA poolt heaks kiidetud mootoritele.

F Deze catalogus geldt alleen voor het uitzoeken van bougiereferenties. The main difference between the alcohol and gasoline engines is the catakogo ratio. MAZDA 3 3 1.