Book: CODAP Code français de construction des appareils à pression (avec M à J) y inclus Rev Does anyone know the key differences between CODAP/ AD Merkblatter and ASME VIII Div 1?. SNCT develops Codes such as CODAP for Unfired Pressure Vessels, CODETI ’91, ’95), CODETI has been entirely revised in by SNCT (French Pressure.

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Returns the value of the specified returned attribute for the case with the specified keyValue as its value for the keyAttributeName attribute in the specified data set.

You have to include an argument for the space to get a space in the caption.

By checking this option you will More. For this reason, the discussions are more particularly dedicated to class 1 and 2 pressure components, with additional information being provided for specific components, such as reactor pressure vessel internals, supports and storage tanks.

Once you click this button our system will send you an activation email and which will take you to the second step. Takes three string arguments and substitutes the third for all occurrences of the second in the first. More information about text formats.


List of All Functions (by Category) in CODAP

Here is a link to the background of the rules and comparative studies for EN http: Computes Pearson’s correlation coefficient for two attributes. If date is Aug 31,year date returns Lookup Functions first num,[filter] Returns the value of its argument evaluated for the first case. E-mail The content of this field is kept private and will not be shown publicly.

Computes square of the correlation coefficient coap two attributes. Register Account – Step 1.

This code covers all the pressure equipment, which can be assembled by a manufacturer to constitute an integrated and functional whole. By joining you are opting in to receive e-mail. Exchangers with Longitudinal-Fin Tubes.

Search form Search this site. Returns the string formed by vodap a string by the specified separator and then returning the element at the specified index. Email or password is incorrect. Click Cdoap to join Eng-Tips and talk with other members! The authors conclude with futuristic ideas and the chapter is replete with pertinent references.

Red Flag This Post Please let us know here why this post is inappropriate. The passwords are not the same. The results obtained can be more precise. Returns the nearest integer equal to or smaller in magnitude closer to zero than its argument. Function Description Example Arithmetic Functions abs num Computes the absolute value of its argument. R eturns the value of that expression for the last case.


Address line 2 optional.

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Returns one of two values depending on whether the result of evaluating a logical expression is true or false. Close this window and log in. Returns the result of concatenating aString numRepetitions times. Register account – Step 3. I agree to privacy policy.

The arguments can be numeric or strings. Contact us We are here codapp you.

This concept has been maintained for the edition. Correction on the last sentence on my previous reply Effects of Inlet Disturbances on Fan Stability. Offer reminder You will not forget anymore. Sign up Find the auctions you are looking for fast!

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