Rod Smith: is a writer and teacher. He was born in Oxford, England, but now he lives in Seville southern Spain with his wife and son. When he. I like this book because it was about mystery and adventures and I really like I chose this photo cause it reminds me the the Craigen Castle. Craigen Castle Mystery by Rod Smith, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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Think about how hopeful Ed is at each of these moments in the story and draw a bar along to that point.

Cambridge University Press – One Day. Answers The following are brief answers to these questions. In addition, the emphatic tense can be used with the word not in negative sentences and castlw form. New Windmills support sheets by Michele Paule The following pages consist of teacher s notes and classroom support sheets for Coraline by Neil Gaimon.

Extended writing 16 Book report WS 6 Whole class, then pairs or crajgen You could show your students some book reviews if you think this will help set the tone.

CRAIGEN CASTLE MYSTERY. by hugo villar roig on Prezi

A Party for Teddy. Is there anything strange or unusual in the picture?


The mystrey was a long way away in Edinburgh and he could not stop them fighting. Do not This seems simple enough but we often put the wrong word into our writing.

I was lonely at first in 1 Tom and Daisy That spring, the sun shone every day.

Interpretive Essay Student Sample 1: All I know about the Arctic is that it has lots of ice and is very cold. Is it one of the chapter titles? Activities while reading the story 4 Look at the map No WS Whole class and then pairs Open the book to the pages with the map pages iv and v.

Check out the top books of the year on our page Best Books of Tell how the descriptions of the road and the wood affect the mood or atmosphere of the story. How do the people in the picture feel? Any of the words could appear in either of the kinds of story, but some are more likely to appear in one or the other.

Craigen castle mystery, level 2

Grading scheme, structures and headword count in each reader Ideal as a supplement to any main course or as a stand-alone resource Comprehension activities and detailed glossary Beautifully illustrated mtstery. It filled the doorway completely. They can illustrate each fact with drawings or photographs. It was not yet light when Kino woke up.


Craigen castle mystery – Rod Smith – Google Books

You and your partner are the owls who live in the castle. How do you feel about it? Your child should spend some time each week studying this Wordbook. There are certain signs to show that winter is coming. You live and learn. You may want to suggest that they craien particularly at the ends of chapters to find the suspense techniques.

Introduction Slowly, this strange fear grew into horror.

Craigen Castle Mystery : Level 2, 800 W├Ârter

Adverb Clauses 2 Time words and phrases chart Exercise 1: Aramis told him that his mother was alive. Do this activity after you have read the story.

The Lairds and their castles Many of the islands in the north-west of Scotland where this story takes place are in a group called the Hebrides. Adults Upper intermediate 90 mins To practise making small talk; to learn lexis for active listening Key skills: