Andrei Alexandrescu (born ) is a Romanian-American C++ and D language programmer Alexandrescu released a book titled The D Programming Language in May From to , Alexandrescu, Herb Sutter, and Scott. Prelude: Orem, UT, May 29 Just finished delivering my keynote. Exiting the character, I’m half dead. People say it needs to look easy. Andrei Alexandrescu: Concurrency in the D Programming if you are not that interested in the features and evolution of the D language.

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He became an American citizen in August I have done soft real-time audio processing in Python, using Numpy for signal processing. Return to Book Page. There’s no reason you can’t do it, as long lwnguage LDC or GDC can target it all you lose is druntime, but you get to keep a sane type system with awesome meta programming qndrei arrays that programminng suck.

This talk might be of interest. That works when arrays etc are allocated before the real-time processing loop starts. Direct links to app demos unrelated to programming will be removed. I often find myself having to consult the implementation just to understand what a library function does or why it’s not working the way I expect it to again, the compiler’s error messages are not helpful.

Today I became a US citizen. Which eventually happened, both the running out and the firing. Jan 31, Muhammad rated it it was amazing. Another issue was a library which logged error messages associated with an error number which was defined by module. Most modern browsers have a pop-up blocker which will block pop-ups by default.

This is arguably not an issue for many normal client-server systems or desktop applications, but it is very much progrqmming issue in embeded systems and safety-critical hardware.

Ehden rated it it was amazing Jan 03, You just have to be disciplined. If you were using malloc and happened to have a whopping great big cache lying about that you could free then sure you might reasonably recover from out of memory, but not generally.


Actually, there are three kinds of values and one type qualifier for functions: Again depends how you allocate, but yes running out of memory is generally assumed to be irrecoverable. To link a different opinion, here is a pretty serious critique of D’s development model and the direction it is going:. That’s why I think this book chapter by Alexandrescu is a gem. This book is not yet featured on Listopia.

With detailed explanations f In this book, instead of just explaining the language, the author is explaining the rationale behind different design decisions and how they affect security, performance, code reliability and correctness and compiler complexity.

I’d even say that anyone that is interested in programming alone, not necessarily the D language, should find this book interesting the concurrency chapter as the brightest example. D desperately needs alexandrexcu kind of literature; at the moment there’s very little of it out there. With Go, I was initially fascinated by its simplicity. Andrei has been closely involved in the evolution of the language and its standard library since It is still very much in development but I have run some basic test code successfully.

Slides not as close programmig the hardware and not delivering as much control as Rust In what sense? Only in the real-time loop.

Andrei Alexandrescu

Since components are closer together, connections are also shorter, which means faster local interconnectivity. Check out our faq. The people who were sacked have been reinstated, and those responsible for the sacking have been sacked. You’re right, and I’m pretty sure that’s a bug. Do you have something funny to share with fellow programmers? Books by Andrei Alexandrescu. In comparison to the modern trend to picks up everything new and shiny and make a hype from that, just to discard it two years later, this calmness is a pleasant thing.


What made me think more about it that at some point, I had to write a small function that re-ordered a number of structs according to certain criteria, and it took several hundred lines to do that.

Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet.

Andrei Alexandrescu – Wikipedia

I’ve always liked D better than the alternatives, but that is really a matter of taste, I guess. I think you might be hugely overestimating the amount of manpower and resources the D developers have. The guy who made that ended up writing a code generator.

Ben rated it really liked it Jul 16, What are the general principles regarding changes in D? The issue with concurrency is, of course, that you can make totally innocent-looking local changes to code that works and they break the program – to keep the program correct, you need to understand all the concurrency issues in its entirety.

Vasily Kirichenko andeei it it was amazing Nov 04, The most exciting programming book I’ve read in ages.

When it comes to concurrency, we are living in the proverbial interesting times more than ever before. I tried to read this but there was a pop up that made programminf unreadable I couldn’t get rid of.

This applies to all forms of dynamic memory allocation, including malloc, that may take unbounded time to allocate. This is more than rust, go and swift combined.


Will try D out later tonight. Is it about lack of inheritance? Picked up Go and getting into Rust for the exact same reason. Benoit rated it really liked it Jul 03,