Deryni Rising has ratings and reviews. Mike (the Paladin) said: It was years ago when I ran across Katherine Kurtz’s Deryni novels. Oddly, I ne. The classic novel that introduced the Deryni?and launched Kurtz?s career. For more than thirty years, the Deryni Chronicles have transported readers. Jul 20, Deryni Rising, like A Game of Thrones, takes place in a world notable for how closely it hews to historical example—or at least, to a somewhat.

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Deryni Rising

Immediately following Brion’s death, his son and heir, Eising Kelson sends for feryni father’s closest friend and advisor, Alaric Morganthe Deryni Duke of Corwyn. As for the magic system, it’s strength is that it’s not baseless and the author at least offers a small bit of information as to how it works.

The few non-white characters, described as Moors and basically never given names or dialogue, seem to exclusively be guards and servants for the villain. These chronicles tell the history of a group of humans whose witchlike Psi Powers, the explanation for which hovers between sf and mysticism, cause them to be persecuted by a medieval Church.

Why you’d have a brilliantly written derynj of stories detailing the History of the Deryni. The setting of the Deryni saga is an alternate medieval Europe clearly analogous to our medieval England and Wales and the Deryni are a magical race who look just like, and can interbreed with, humans.

Having been told that I must read the Deryni series, I chose this revised, recently reprinted edition of the very first book. About Deryni Rising Detyni the kingdom of Gwynedd, the mysterious forces of magic and the superior power of the Church combine to challenge the rule of young Kelson.

Not a secondary-world fantasy, precisely, but not set in our world either — more of a one-and-a-half-ary world fantasy, I’d call derynl, where it seems to take place on our globe but in a very heavily modified version of the British isles. This isn’t a bad book. The read can pull you in a bit and while there are some things I find annoying it is well done. gising


Deryni Rising (TBA) – Preview | Sci-Fi Movie Page

As a result, the main characters don’t really grow through the narrative, and it’s actually kind of hard to tell who the protagonist is–is it the boy king, Kelson?

There are arguments on both sides, but I find it most satisfying to read in Historical Order, beginning with the Camber of Culdi rusing. We are experiencing technical difficulties. The one major difference is that magic works. Nonetheless, Charissa easily defeats Jehana, and Kelson is forced to personally duel with the sorceress. eeryni

Much has changed since ! Newly appointed King Kelson will be confronted by the evil sorceress Charissa.

Deryni Rising by Katherine Kurtz

Trivia About Deryni Rising Th The amount of times that Kelson, Drryni and Duncan verbally patted each other on the back was, well As a result, the storyline of defyni Childe Morgan Trilogy immediately precedes Deryni Risingdespite the fact that it was published over thirty years after the first novel.

As far as fantasy and enchantment, fantasy is, as has been said, the largest, broadest category of fiction that there is. If anything, the mildly surprising element of the treatment of the women characters is that the book was written by a women.

Still enjoyed this just as much as when I first read it – but I must admit that perhaps some more modern stuff is slightly better: He must be told of h In the land of Gwynedd, the Haldanes have long ruled and have long kept a dangerous secret: And there are the adverbs, which make this novel feel very, rixing old. Here is the record questions in bold Now they’re a mostly-hidden, mostly-despised minority.


Will I read more? The beginning of this massive epic was published “before my time” and so I missed it when I’m sure it would have seemed fresh and new.

I liked both the name and the characteristics of a key character so much, I named my son after him, Alaric. I mean, both novels are similarly preoccupied with the process of politics, with conspiracies and so forth.

It seems almost as though the concerns of fantasy have come back around to Kurtz after drifting away for a while.

By the way, if you were expecting more exotic character names like, er, Count Dooku or something — forget it. The world and magic aren’t adequately explained; the characters feel like explorations more than fully-rounded people; there are a total of two major female characters, one of whom is evil while the other is hysterical; chapter-ending cliffhangers are resolved a page later with absolutely no justification for the initial tension; and the prose is riddled with unnecessary speech tags and adverbs some of them extra-questionable.

I first read it around 75 and, granted, my 9yo tastes don’t always match up with my 47yo tastes.

Refresh and try again. I loved how this book didn’t feel like it was introducing anything. My favorites would be Morgan, Kelson and Duncan.

Kelston, Alaric and Duncan are all ‘half-breeds’, though with learning and tutelage they can become extremely adept as is shown in the ultimate confrontation with the ‘evil’ person at the end of the story.