DGMS (Tech.) (S&T) Circular No. of Dhanbad, Dated.2 i 01·. The Owners, Agents and Managers of all mines. Sub Guidelines on Occupational . KB minsafety Apr on (Tech)(Approval) Cir No. Files > DGMS Circulars Name DGMS (Tech) Circular 1 of DGMS CIRCULAR LEGISLATIVE AMENDMENT IN THE MINES RULES, CLICK ME TO DOWNLOAD DGMS CIRCULAR.

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Method of coursing air to the face: Quality control, Inspection and Testing facilities. To be submitted in duplicate. The application must be accompanied by satisfactory performance reports from the users.

Each operator will be required to pass a practical skills test and theory rgms on successful completion of the training on equipment, the operator shall be issued certificate to operate the machine on which he has been trained. However, as a cross check, it is advisable to get some of the routine tests done from National Test House or other test houses as indicated in Paras 1 2 and 3 cirxulars as well.

Mechanically propelled vehicle for transport of explosives. The concerned Director of Mines Safety in charge of the regional office under which the mine where field trials are conducted falls and Director of Mines Safety Electricalwhere applicable, has to be kept informed about the trials by the manufacturers. Velocity of air at the face: Comments on the visible fumes produced.

Use of faulty machinery, equipment, tools and materials had in the past resulted in accidents, disasters and dangerous situations. The manufacturer may seek extension of the field trial which may be granted based on the merit of the case. All safety conferences circularss mine has deliberated in detail and insisted on providing training cifculars operators for better productivity and to reduce accidents.

The criteria for grant cgms renewal would be, i satisfactory performance reports from users, ii no complaints about the product from the users or others, iii valid BIS license where applicable. No separate approval required if conforms to IS Safety characteristics of the explosive with other. Simulators trains recruits into skilled operators, reduces downtime of equipments, reduces maintenance cost, optimally utilizes the capacity and increases safety thus reduce accidents.


Mining is a hazardous occupation and therefore the equipment, machinery, tools curculars materials used in mines need to be safe, robust and reliable capable of working safely under hostile environment. All approvals are valid for a particular period ranging from one 1 to five 5 years.

The dust shall also be of a type that will not take in use; in damp or wet condition water-proofed stone dust shall circulaars used.

Order under Regulation D 1 of the Coal Mines Regulations,on type of self-rescuers to be used in belowground workings of coal mines.

Levelling Glossary of Mining Terms: N G Nair Thiruvananthapuram. In additions, the shelves shall 22011 constructed and installed that, in the event of an explosion, they fly without obstruction along the roadway. In some cases initial approval is granted for a period of dggms year after completion of field trials. When in any entry a stoping is to be provided instead of a dust barrier, such stoping shall be explosion proof. Permission under Rule 37 and Rule 11 4 of Mines Rescue Rules, to maintain breathing apparatus of different type and make in rescue stations and rescue rooms.

However, approval is accorded only after submitting valid BIS certification or a condition is incorporated in the approval that BIS license shall be obtained before manufacturing and marketing of the product. If couplings are procured from more than one manufacturer, the name, address and other relevant informations gdms respect of each shall be recorded in a bound paged book.

Every coupling after circular forging and welding operations shall be normalised in a recognised establishment and certificate for heat-treatment shall be obtained.

Manufacturers need to make immediate application for amendment of the approval, failing which the approval shall be treated as revoked. After successful completion of field trial and receipt of satisfactory field trial reports, the case is examined and recommendations made for grant of regular approval.

Cap Lamp days for 9 hrs. Performance test at two cieculars stations.

Link Bars One year 50 nos. 201 barriers may be sited in relation to group of adjacent headings. Two copies of test certificates, one original and one certified copy thereof have to be submitted along with the application. List of Mine Officials and Competent Persons. Prototype of any equipment, xirculars or appliance where Indian Standards exist, need to be tested as per the relevant standard in an approved test house in India. Effective circukars has a huge impact on operating skills and helps in reducing accidents.


This is true in all sphere of activity and is equally relevant in a hazardous occupation like mining where time and again experience has established the need for competent manpower, constant vigilance, sustained use of safe methods and quality cgms and equipment which would go a long way in achieving better safety and health conditions of workers engaged in the mines. Registrar of firms or societies enclose attested copies of certificate: Such a barrier shall be provided at a distance of not less than meters from the nearest workings face and not more than metres from the farthest face.

Classification of mineral deposits. Certification Marks Licence No. Log Sheet for Mines. Online Mining August 6, The general procedure for dealing with cases of approval is given in the following paras, dtms most of the cases this procedure is followed.

Type tests carried out on a prototype to ensure its conformity to the relevant standards. Jointing shall be done by electrical welding and not by smithy welding.


Reports, Notices, Newsletters, etc. The simulator uses 3D computer generated circulrs and simulates realistic motion feel visals of training and testing under complex driving scenarios. In pursuance of sub-regulation 2 of Regulation C of the Coal Mines Regulations, the type of stone dust barriers to be provided and the manner in which such barrier shall be maintained in every gassy seams of Second or Third degree have been specified vide Government Notification No.

Mines Safety Week Celebration Photo. Copies of the field trial approval letters are endorsed to concerned Dy. A sample application format is given at Appendix-II.