Dicionário de terminologia arquivística. Front Cover. Instituto da Biblioteca Nacional e do Livro, Organismo de Normalização Sectorial para a Informação e. Dicionário de termos arquivísticos: subsídios para uma terminologia arquivística brasileira. Front Cover. Rolf Nagel. Centro de Educaçǎo, Ciència e. Dicionário brasileiro de terminologia arquivística: contribuição para o estabelecimento de uma terminologia arquivistica em língua portuguesa. Front Cover.

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Many batteries have a voltage of 1. This would not be a good flashlight because the lamp would always be on. A minicomputer is much smaller than the mainframe computer. The beauty of electricity is that it can be generated in one place and used in another place.

The ideal resistor has a purely real conductance. It is much cheaper to store information on arquiviatica than in the computer main memory or on a disk memory device, but it takes longer to locate a paritucular data item if it is stored on tape: Assembly languages are specific to a given CPU chip and are named after it e.

After a fuse burns out, a qualified person must find the fault before the fuse is replaced. As a rule the resistance is temperature dependent: The energy is stored as chemical energy and is converted into electrical energy as it is required.

Melvil Decimal System: 020.03

Inductor An inductor stores energy in an electromagnetic field created by changes in current through it. As a battery runs out its voltage gradually drops. One or more access arms move into the disk to read or write the data stored on df. Fuses protect against fire caused by electrical faults.

While the former is concerned with recovering organization and functional structures of a given entity and its reflection on document records arising from the execution of its activities, the latter focuses on a wider understanding of the entity, which includes identity, company mission and their role in society.


Works under MDS It looks like a phonograph record and a series of disks is mounted on a vertical shaft. Different types of batteries have different voltages. But sometimes you also want to vary how much current flow around a circuit.

Wordings, which are entered by members, can only come from public domain sources.

Dicionário de terminologia arquivística – Google Books

Unfortunately, however, these samples were rather limited in size because of paucity of data, particularly in the form of numerical prognoses, so that the results fe the prediction experiments to be described here arwuivistica not be duplicated on future samples. One of the most important uses of the elecrric motor is in electric cars. Tags Ingles Tecnico engenharia LibraryThing’s MDS system is based on the classification work of libraries around the world, whose assignments are not copyrightable.

When a voltage is applied, the electrical energy is converted into thermal energy.

Dicionário de termos arquivísticos: subsídios para uma terminologia – Rolf Nagel – Google Books

A microcomputer is the smallest of the three sizes of computers. It can have any value form pF to mF. If there is a break in the circuit then current cannot flow. Sometimes the wires which carry the current heat up and melt.

These results should therefore be interpreted only as tentative and approximate indications, not as conclusive or quantitative findings.

This paper proposes a reflection on the importance of recovering information relating to the history of the entity and the custodial trajectory of a archive from creation of a record until it enters a repository for the processing, information contextualization and consequent knowledge organization. Fuses Electricity can be dangerous if you short a battery or the supply in your house a very high current flows. Electric motors Electrical energy can be converted into mechanical energy using an electric motor.

Language and concepts may be changed to fit modern tastes, or to better describe books cataloged.

The microprocessor literally contains a computer on a chip that can pass through the eye of a needle. This should increase the reliability of weather forecasts required to carry out the many meteorologically sensitive human activities in this region.


MDS “scheduldes” the words that describe the numbers are user-added, and based on public domain editions of the system. When we consider different processes for organization of knowledge in the context of Archival Science, we are faced with more than one way to contextualize records.

In a DC circuit, they can be used to block the flow of direct current while allowing AC signals to pass.

terminloogia The voltage is a measure of the strength of the battery. Related tags Arquivistica 1 dictionaries 1 dictionary afquivistica information technology 1. As a rule, the use of these terms, when used in texts on archives and documentation is more intuitive than based on methodological procedures of information contextualization of records. This gives us indications to make us think that distinct dimensions of knowledge should be considered in the phase of information contextualization of an organization.

Dimming lights Switches are useful if you want to turn a circuit on or off.

Municipal Libraries and Archives

raquivistica Therefore, choosing one kind of historical information as a parameter for archival processing, in the same way as recovering the knowledge of the systems for keeping and custody of a set of documents that have the same origin, reveal the criteria adopted for archival organization.

This allows current to flow around the circuit. This is why batteries have two terminals. For these purposes, rules and standards are developed, including classification systems, lists of subject headings, thesauri and other forms of metadata.