Collection of Durood Sharif / Various Durood Sharif Question The question was posed to ḤuĎūr Tāj ash-Sharīá Muftī Muḥammad Akhtar RiĎā al-Qādrī.

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The information durpod very useful and helpful! December 26, at AOA, Shukriya for enlighting us. February 2, at 5: I have receted in the night of shab be qadar.

Durood e Ibrahim With Bangla Translation – video dailymotion

June 30, at 1: May 15, at January 26, at 8: May Allah shower you with his blessings and you all get success in each and every step taken by you in your life.

March 20, at August 26, at 4: I just bookmarked durooc. March 18, at Please inform me the name of this darood sharif if any one know with meaning.


Bhai assalam waleykum kya apne nabi sallal laahu alaihi wasallam ko sapne me dekha hai. June 4, at 7: October 20, at 7: Allah peace be upon you and your family March 27, at July 21, at 4: I am so grateful.

This Durood Shareef is always a cure for all calamities in the world of worldly affairs. Hadrat Imam Muzni radi Allahu anhu has also narrated exactly the same story.

Durood e Ibrahim With Bangla Translation

September 25, at Shari i search in internet i could see 1 to 10 duas and each of one has the separate names tobe frankis it all together known as durood e sharif…? Sayed Qurban Ali Qadri Says: January 16, at 9: July 24, at 9: The pronunciation text to the right of the durood should read: April 25, at 3: March 7, at 3: February 28, at October 5, at Alhamdulillah I prepared a Durood shareef table embedded in the same document which will be helpful for me to choose the Durood shareef sbarif I need to byheart first.


Oh lord, increase your blessings on all aaley Faruqui. May 13, at 5: March 12, at 8: