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A list of records is given in the catalogue and the more important ones are discussed below. Turk- menistan ; 97, Algeria 3 72 84 ; 93, Angola 17 eonomia 93, Congo, Ruanda Urundi 41 ;Congo 41 ; 97, Egypt 13 97 ; Ethiopia Eritrea 6 18 ; Ethiopia Ogaden 6 ; Kenya ; 93, Mauritius ; 97, Morocco ; 93, Mozambique 53 ; Nyasaland ; 93,N.

Thus the ecology of the enemies of an acridid population is extremely complex and the range of species involved is great. Sur les parasites des sauterelles A Richelieu Indre-et-Loire.


Confdrence faite au Grand Casino d0ran le 16 Marssous les auspices de la Socidtd ddgriculture du Ddparte- ment dOran. C 52, Canada B. Thyridanthrax A number of species have been recorded from the Mediterranean and steppe areas as predators of acridid eggs, in particular T.

Asia, Transcaumia ;U. Greathead on the insect enemies of Acritloidea Orthoptera Rukavishnikov and Olsuf’ev have described the life history of A.

Acrididae in Saskat- chewan in Rhodesia 76, S. The most detailed account of the life history of a Perilampm is that of a species attacking caterpillar parasites Smith, Zakhvatkin has pointed out that each different species appears to have its range of hosts limited by the size of the egg-pod required to complete feed- ing.

  HCPL 3140 PDF

Greathead on the insect enemies of Acridoidea Orthoptera The larvae figs. Anthrax and Spogostylum Argyramoeba SBguy and Zakhvatkin b ; a recorded four species of Anthrax and one of Spogostylum as predators of the eggs of a number of Acrididae, but the same authors also report these species as predators of Mylabris, Epicau2a and Callo- stoma. Baldug on the insect enemies of Acridoidea Orthoptera f orthoptera An edonomia record of egg-predation by a cricket A c h assirnilis 1uctuosu.

The authors cited also reared Scelio spp. These instars feed on the eggs by puncturing them and sucking the contents ; europes deflated eggs may be found, often among healthy eggs, in the pod, their presence being characteristic of bombyliid damage. These interesting flies have essentially similar life histories, so a generalised account, can be given. Pupation occurs in the soil, and the newly emerged adults force their way to the surface.

These are Dirhinus mcavatus Hymenoptera: Uchida and Eharaworking in Japan, found that Phorocerosm forte, which parasitises Oxyajapolzica, effectively prevents reproduction, the female gonads being unable to recover before the death of the grasshopper.

Kazakh- stan ; 32, U. Russia ; 32, U. Smithhowever, has recorded some observations on a species from grasshopper parasites. Accounts from different regions show that the life history is remarkably uniform jorvan the different species, the principal difference being in the stage a t which diapause occm.

Calliphmidae As might be expected in a family largely composed of scavengers, Calliphoridae have been reared from egg-pods.

The pupal inster is short, of one to three weeks’ duration, and emergence occurs after the pupa has worked itself to the surface and partially protrudes from the soil. The recorded life history of other members of the tribe shows that they are associated with social insects, especially termites and ants: Difficulty was found with many of the older papers in which identification of enemies was clearly imprecise or misleading.


Greathead d has recorded up to 34 per cent. Turkesten Thyridanthrax abruptus Loew. In general the dipterous parasites attack nymphs and adults alike ; therefore attention will only be drawn to known exceptions to this rule.

The larva then buries itself in the soil, and pupation occurs in the following spring in temperate areas or at the following rains in the tropics. MUScidae The cos- mopolitan Hylemia cilicrura, notorious as a crop pest, is also recorded by numerous authors as a predator of eggs of the Desert and Moroccan Locusts in the Mediterranean region and also of eggs of the South American Schistocerca parawmis. A further larval instar of short duration, called scolytoid fig.

Crimea ;,U. Greathead on the insect enemies of Acridoidea Orthoptera in preparation.

During feeding the abdomen swells jordsn size and considerable movement occurs which macerates the host egg, thus preventing its development. Crimea ; U. High percentage incidence is also reported. Too many species are involved to be described in detail, but in the main the life histories are very similar. RussiaBritish Guiana 37France, , U.