Commission file number: Table 8 – Ecopetrol S.A. Production per Type of Crude Graph 6 – Map of Multipurpose Pipeline. Estimated Ultimate Recovery versus Net Pay by Well Type RPS has updated the mapping of oil initially in place (OIIP) for the field to a new total of 4, . New well locations and new well logs (LAS files) for the 29 vertical wells drilled Ecopetrol‟s field production will be sold in the pipeline together, the gross field. Note: Checking the box above will not relieve any registrant required to file reports .. Ecopetrol Transportation Company Limited, Ecopetrol Pipelines International .. Since we have no control over these types of foreign government regulations, they The map below indicates the location of our operations in Colombia.

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However, the technology used to estimate reserves is considered reliable. Pursuant to the first contractual model, the ANH only received a percentage of oil revenues in two cases: If environmental laws continue to impose additional costs and expenses on us, and as mqp laws and regulations relating to climate change become applicable to us, we may need to reduce our investments on strategic projects in order to allocate funds to environmental compliance.

Total average daily crude oil production Subsidiaries in Colombia. During the scheduled revision of and due to the dramatic changes in international crude oil prices, the Ministry of Mines and Energy allowed, by means of Resolution 31 oftransportation companies and oil production companies to engage in direct negotiations in order to agree on a tariff suitable for both parties. The ANH is the governmental entity responsible for promoting oil and gas investments in Colombia, establishing terms of reference for exploration rounds and assigning exploration blocks to oil and gas companies.

Changes in Undeveloped Proved Reserves. Our Strategic Plan sets out guidelines for sales and marketing that cut across our operational areas and emphasizes on the importance of our markets and pileline and the need to define key products and markets for the Group.


Risk participation contracts provide for an executive committee which is created upon the execution of the contract.

Duringthe Barrancabermeja Refinery delivered Exploration Activities in Colombia. Colombia has experienced internal security issues that have had or could have a negative effect on the Colombian economy and on us. If this report is an annual or transition report, indicate by check mark if the registrant is not required to file reports pursuant to Section 13 or 15 d of the Ecopetril Exchange Act of We also intend to increase our market participation in crude oil and refined products in the Far East, Latin America and Europe.

Our operations are subject to extensive regulation. We’re glad you like it!

Colombia – International – Analysis – U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA)

Graph 2 — Ecopetrol Corporate Structure. Further, duringEcopetrol S. Table 36 — Production of Refined Products from Reficar. Reserves replacement ratio including purchase and sales. Table 37 — Production of Refined Products of Barrancabermeja. Although non-OPEC supply grew 1.

Additionally, we may be exposed to legal disputes with foreign regulators. Approval from the Colombian Geological Survey of the operation license of 63 radioactive sources for the Cartagena Refinery. This union does not participate in the negotiation process. However, the review of our accounts by the CGN does not constitute an audit.

Heightened risks and costs associated with deep water drilling may have a negative effect on our results of operations, financial condition and reputation. Given the current ownership of our shares, it may be difficult for you to purchase large quantities of shares from a single shareholder. Risks Related to our ADSs.

The Vice-Presidency of Transportation and Logistics focuses on maintaining the integrity of the transportation infrastructure by improving our operational risk model for transportation infrastructure with respect to weather conditions and damage caused by third parties, as well as deploying new technologies to monitor transportation infrastructure and its environment and to permit intervention in portions of the infrastructure where it is susceptible to incidents that could have severe consequences.


Colombia had more than 6. Non-Colombian residents cannot directly hold portfolio investments in Colombia, but are able to do so through a registered foreign capital investment fund.

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Total net wells Ecopetrol S. We may be exposed to similar delays due to opposition from local communities in other countries where we carry out exploration activities in indigenous reserves, such as Peru.

Thank you for contacting EIA. Dividends and Paying Agents.

Caño Limón–Coveñas pipeline

During the second half ofthe refinery initiated its stabilization period. Thus, in presenting our reserves information in this annual report, we have used our real transportation costs, rather than the regular tariffs set by the Ministry of Mines and Energy. Production Activities in Colombia.

To download the data you have selected click the download icon above the table. Total gross wells in joint ventures Ecopetrol S.

The following tables set forth the imports and sales of refined products from Reficar for the periods indicated.

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These factors may include, but are not limited to, the following:. These contracts have a 10 year term, including an evaluation period of 8 months, within which the operator has to comply with a minimum commitment to conduct a technical evaluation of the field at its own risk.

On other occasions allegations have been made by Venezuela that the Colombian army has entered foreign soil while in pursuit of FARC members. The following table sets forth, for the periods indicated, the number of gross and cile productive and fils exploratory wells drilled by us and our joint venture partners and the exploratory wells drilled by third parties pursuant to sole risk contracts with us.

Total Mid-Magdalena Valley region.