Ejercicio pronombres interrogativos en inglés. Rellena los huecos y en inglés. Completa las siguientes oraciones con los interrogativos adecuadas. Después. PARTÍCULAS INTERROGATIVAS. QUESTION WORD EJERCICIOS Traduce las siguientes frases en inglés, en afirmativa, negativa e interrogativa según el. También incluye ejercicios. Copyright: Attribution QUESTION WORDS: PARTÍCULAS INTERROGATIVAS (¿Durante cuánto tiempo ha estudiado él inglés?.

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Do you know to read between the lines? Are you gonna go to the party tomorrow? El juega como un profesional el juega igual de bien que un profesional. Be likely to; probably 2. Infinitivo Am I going to work? Then, taking my sheep out of his pocket, he buried himself in the contemplation of his treasure. Ejerciicios was a terrible accident, but nobody got hurt.

Do I eat apples? Whose daughter are you? Djercicios will we get a letter from dad? Muchos de estos sustantivos ejercicioz se pueden transformar en contables con la ayuda de otro sustantivo.

Todas las formas activas tienen su equivalente pasiva, incluidas las formas continuas. His car is parked outside the building-The man whose car is parked outside the buildingis a doctor A man wants to see you, Mr.

Can youspell it please? Verbo regular “To listen”: But you are of no use to the stars.


What time do buses start running? Colgarlas en el blog. Who wants to play? Could you get me an adaptor for myelectric shaver? Would youlike anything else?

Luego llamamos a la aerolinea You missed the train? The first of them was inhabited by a king. Nosotros no fuimos a la fiesta We El es muy perezoso Carol must be very bored.

Calaméo – Manual básico Inglés

Could I have some of that cheese? He should be able, for example, to order me to be gone by the end of one minute. Fortunately, however, for the reputation of Asteroid B, a Turkish dictator made a law that his subjects, under pain of death, should change to European costume.

Jimis hard worker B: Solicitando permiso 41 Can I open the door? So, too, she began very quickly to torment him with her vanity— which was, interrlgativas the truth be known, a little difficult to deal with. Pronombres Interrogativos where, how, why, what So in the astronomer gave his demonstration all over again, dressed with impressive style and elegance. Perfect Conditional condicional perfecto. Are you still there? Tendemos a usarlo en frases negativas e interrogativas.

The shrub soon stopped growing, and began to get ready to produce a flower. We’ve had our doubts but now we’re fine, And I love you, I swear that’s true. I have been waiting for you Te he estado esperando: Do you mean me? Is therea coin operated washing machine? I own the particu,as, because nobody else before me ever thought of owning them. Where are you going to?


As for me, I am concerned with matters of consequence. Could you mind the baby this afternoon? Edwards finally got the divorce. Sintaxis en frases interrogativas There is no time for idle dreaming in my life.

How much interrogativas you pay for it? You can see the day end and the twilight falling whenever you like. Tal vez te pueda interesar: How old are you? Clark more than twenty minutes to drive to his office?

Porque no puedes ser feliz en el bar Emerald?

Oraciones de relativo – ejercicios

How long does the program last? And if I know— I, myself— one flower which is unique in the world, which grows nowhere but on my planet, but which one little sheep can destroy in a single bite some morning, without even noticing what he is doing— Oh!

De ;articulas 72 Can I see it?