Elizabethtown (Screenplay) by Cameron Crowe; 1 edition; First published in Cameron Crowe Screenplays, Cameron Crowe, Jerry Maguire, Almost Famous, Say Anything. SHARES . Elizabethtown (). Elizabethtown has 43 ratings and 3 reviews. XxXviciously said: its The screenplay to the latest film from the Oscar-winning writer/ director of Jerry Maguire and.

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You have to have had some big first-hand losses or failures?

Elizabethtown by Cameron Crowe

There’s nothing wasted in her acting. The rich mix of comedy and drama makes it a movie experience not quite like any other and one uniquely that of a Cameron Crowe film.

Gail Boos rated it liked it Dec 17, Centering on a teenage music journalist on tour with an up-and-coming band, it gave insight to his life as a year-old writer for Rolling Stone.

Jewlie Williams rated it it was amazing Jan 21, Weng Cahiles rated it liked it Aug 26, That screemplay until eight years of development–including a research and promotion outlay equal to the operating costs of a small nation–went up in screenplsy as the extensively hyped and highly anticipated Spasmotica premiered to colossal failure.

Friends and editors said, It felt like you were writing about my life too. Jeff Tompkins rated it it was amazing Feb 15, The more personal the story, the more it seemed to matter to people. This book also has an excerpt from Cameron Crowe’s diary from his making of the film which is a great little read for anyone in the biz.

A movie that could blend tears and laughter was his favorite combo. That was all the inspiration I needed. Crowe landed his biggest hit, though, with the feel-good Jerry Maguire.


Elizabethtown: The Screenplay– book review

Suddenly the laughingstock of the industry, dumped by his boss and his girl, things can’t seem to get worse–until Drew gets word of his father’s death. Linda Solis rated it it was amazing May 26, Maybe you have to love music like Cameron Crowe to appreciate the soundtrack. Maybe you have to walk a little in the shoes of Drew to care about his predicament. A befuddled Drew is befriended on the airplane by an enthusiastic stewardess, Claire Colburn, who intrudes upon his reminiscences in her efforts to connect with this interesting passenger.

Sam rated it it was amazing Jun 11, I’ll have 50 songs for one scene. Open Preview See a Problem? Mike Angelo rated it it was amazing Jul 16, I was on the road touring with my wife, Nancy Wilson of the rock band Heartand I found myself on a bus tour traveling through Kentucky and was struck by the intense beauty of the landscape.

And it’s happened consistently ever since. Even with pictures attached. Brant Chesser rated it liked it Jul 11, Cleo rated it it was amazing Dec 16, Any one of these themes could fill up a great film. With his mother grief-stricken and his sister needed by her side, Drew must travel to his father’s provincial hometown of Elizabethtown, Kentucky, to attend the memorial on his family’s behalf. I don’t think so.

Elizabethtown (Screenplay) | Open Library

All of Crowe’s screenplays possess a personal connection to the filmmaker. As he leaves his job, his whole world has changed from a dream to a nightmare.

This book helped me to realize three things. Caught up in a family melodrama and completely out of his depth, Drew has no idea that Claire offers the means of his salvation, her insouciant approach to life a balm to his increasingly troubled spirit.


Cameron Crowe Screenplays (Download)

Even his girlfriend, another Mercury employee, turns her ellizabethtown on Drew, opting for the greener pastures of a new hire. Later, he wrote and directed one more high school saga, Say Anythingand then Singlesa story of Seattle twentysomethings that was woven together by a soundtrack centering on that city’s burgeoning grunge music scene.

Thankfully though, not every new shot was described. Dec 06, Nick rated it really liked it. I always liked the idea of telling a story populated with failure and fiasco, but in the middle of it is a person who exists only for love. Drew is devastated but resigned.

Each new scene took me to new levels of appreciation for her attitude and technique. Ana Braz rated it it was amazing Aug 12, On the flight, Drew meets Claire Kirsten Dunsta witty and charming flight attendant, who helps him navigate the rough waters ahead and proves that even in our darkest hour love and redemption are never out of reach.

Louisa rated it liked it May 20, It often starts with music when I write a script.