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Palma sank his pen into the past in order to shake it on high and laugh at it.

The artist who writes a poem of lasting emotion in the language of the people is, in any literature, infinitely superior to the poet who writes a refined piece in academic albujzr fit for an anthology. He would disdain the mediocrity who repeated his phrases.

He is not deliberately autochthonous. In this, as in all his conflicts with reality, he reacted according to his literary and aristocratic affinities. Chocano, nevertheless, has tacitly abandoned pantheism to adopt the principle of hierarchy, which has taken him back to the Roman Catholic Church. His jeers are inspired by his class consciousness.

This servile, mawkish literature claims to be of the same substance as Tradiciones. He does not express his andios in concrete proposals or ideas; he enrlque them in phrases that are effective as propaganda and rhetoric but of little practical and scientific value.

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But he was more Inca than conquistador, more Quechua than Spaniard. He comes not from Moorish but from Gothic Spain. Our youth openly battles to put a violent end to what seems likely to die a lingering death; it is impatient to clear the way and raise the red flag over the crumbling towers of national literature.


Its literature has reflected this. The morning on which, like a mournful bird, I go to the shore of the sea of shadow, the shore of the silent empire, the white cemetery will be your captivity. This will serve as a method of explanation rather than as a theory that a priori judges and interprets works and their authors.

The entire explanation of the miracle is found in the eyes of this spellbound child. Notwithstanding his rationalist and scientific affinities, Gonzalez Prada was saved from exaggerated intellectualism by his artistic sensibilities and his devotion to justice. In my opinion, the new chapter begins with Gonzalez Prada, who marks the transition from pure Hispanism to the beginning of a Europeanism that will have decisive consequences.

Who says that life is sad?

Enrique López Albújar – Wikipedia

It has no history and almost no tradition. Creation in him is at the same time indescribably painful and exultant. Lilli Lopez has written: A critic as wise lope as distinguished as Pedro Henriquez Urefia, on examining the matter of exuberance in Spanish American literature, observes that the greater part of this literature does not appear to be a product of the tropics.

Without roots, our colonial literature was meager, sickly, and weak. Alliances are easily formed and collaboration is frequent. In this essay More makes a conscientious effort to analyze the spirit of national literature. On the contrary, his restless, free spirit transcended the logical consequences of his ideas to advocate action and struggle, to affirm loopez and life. He sums up the philosophical experience, he condenses the spiritual attitude, of a race and a people.

Cueentos, as I have already said, cultivates the delicate and pale flower of symbolism on unreceptive soil. He does not delve into tradition and history in order to extract obscure emotions from its dark substratum. The two outstanding writers of the republic, Palma and Gonzalez Prada, belong to Lima. Ambiguous elderly marquises begin their antique dances and their polonaises. Furthermore, our history cannot have begun with cuentoss Conquest and no matter how nebulous the psychic legacy we have received from the Indian, we have something of that conquered race whose living ruins wander disowned and neglected in our sierras, constituting a serious social problem that painfully throbs in our life.


His judgments, imprecations, and aphorisms are unmistakably literary in inspiration. Gonzalez Prada deceived himself, for example, when he preached anti-religion.

Science, Reason, Progress were the myths of the nineteenth century. His poetry and language emanate from his flesh and spirit; he embodies his message. The novel will be reborn, no doubt, as realistic art in the proletarian society.

The work of Gamarra appears as a scattered collection of outlines and sketches. Search Search Inside Search Related or search this site for other thesis or dissertations. The titles in colonial literature betray the pedantry and outdated classicism of the authors. He studies its colors and outline, but he disregards its complementary tints and contours.

If the revolution of independence in Peru cuetos been the undertaking of a relatively solid bourgeoisie, republican literature would have adopted another tone.

And the bride gazes with ardor at the porticoes and open spaces; her eyes are two gleaming topazes.