Article byWieger about speaker kit Duetta I have been “stumbling” onto reports about the Eton chassis, with beautiful flowery descriptions and installed in all. Your specialist für loudspeakers, home hifi, pro audio, car-hifi, electronic parts, capacitors, inductors, resistors, circuit boards and accessories. Actually i had no need for yet another speaker. Our livingroom was well equipted with SB18, SB30 Center and a MDS12 Subwoofer. But our bedroom had old.

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After the first round of ironing, glue was applied to the entire surface of the MDF substructure. That was more or less the response when we Andreas Wolf, Udo Duettq and Patrick Even sat down and talked about assembly-kit plans for the Christmas season. We had successfully avoided taking part in detta contest, but since we were still barely known as speaker builders in the United States, we wanted to make a positive impression.

During tensioning with the belts, the curve was continuously re-ironed until the HDF board fit against the curve.

In the next step, I used contact adhesive to attach 4-mm-thick bitumen panels, in order to reduce cabinet vibrations and to dampen the emanating sound. My tried and true MKP capacitors were much more neutral, so they had a home in my preferred boxes from then on. In addition, bent plywood is lighter than MDF.

Now the insulation inside the back walls could be finished. It should be said in advance that I will be discussing errors here that occur at a very high level and that are only apparent after comparing two versions for a long period of time.

But we quickly fixed that. SB 36 It started as it so often does whenever, after a nice weekend filled with music from our borrowed test boxes, Monday rolls fton again. Since I like to use the Duetta with my modified bargain tube, I put a capacitor in the signal path of the that also decouples it below its installed resonance.


A small hook in the angle curve at 6. So I went to the nearest hi-fi store.

Duetta Standtop by Matthias

SB 18 Matthias For years listening to music was limited to my cars, where a good friend – thanks to owning a carhifi shop – regularly installed the appropriate soundsystem.

The salesperson suggested Danish speakers from a less well-known manufacturer because of their good price-performance ratio. Please verify that you are human by klicking the box next to this. Silky high tones; pleasant, exquisitely fine duftta a deep, dry bass.

Speakers Intertechnik – Shop – Shop

I was looking for something to balance out my stressful work life. However, the differences — as with amplifiers, CD players and cables — tend to be divided more according to taste than quality. Axels Simply Exotic People have different ways of etob their love of the exotic; mine is specifically focused on a pair of chassis made by Seas.

Excel 22 DXT Hermann?

This is often caused the acquisition of a company by another that resulted in a changed objective. Rolfs SB 18 floorstanding Ever since I caught the bug with two Mystery Subs built as part of a Mystery Party for my office, this website has had me completely under its spell. I started with a VHS video recorder and a Trinitron 4: In terms etoon the sound, I had found my ideal loudspeakers.

Gradually, the final form started to take shape. Once the slats had been placed as a test, I was very happy that the planning phase had been so extensive and precise after all.

Audiophile DIY 3 way loudspeaker system

It all started in the summer of That brings us to the next weakness, the extreme bundling at increasing frequencies, which means that at most one pair of ears can be in the sweet spot at any given time.

Oct 16, at 6: A car moving from left to right, a plane overhead and a train from the front etpn the back of the room are easy to reproduce when you have five to seven sound sources with a low-frequency foundation and an explanatory image. The reproduction of voices and singing is amazing. Hardly had the Wall and been introduced when we started getting inquiries about whether something similar could be built for the Blues Class.


A few months later, when we needed a special assembly kit for the issue, our stated goal was to come up with something even better. After a high-quality living room theater at least by the standards of the timewith a p projector, DVD player and 5. At the same time, they are not afraid of. I ultimately decided that the fronts would be painted black and the rest of the body would be laminated in macassar.

At the same time, though, I was just starting to renovate an old barnyard. One of the two had the Queen at home and was very satisfied. I have been convinced for a while now that the SB series has the etpn sound for my musical tastes.

Back to top Back to the overview. One of the two had the Queen at home and was very satisfied, Would they work well enough here, too?

He was very impressed by the detailed contrast and the harmonic interactions of the SBAcoustics chassis. If you want to reach a high level with fewer watts, you’ll have to forego the bass depth.

AX 6 center by captain carot It was all supposed to be so easy. In addition, we screwed guides made of wood scraps into the table in order to hold the skeleton to the side pieces dueta the drying phase. Seas developed this wide-range speaker with a retro look, which is the real draw here.

After i ordered the set my.