A better title might be The Books of Disquiet. Each entry in this fictional diary of one Bernardo Soares represents an attempt to create a distinct biography. The Book of Disquiet (Penguin Classics) [Fernando Pessoa, RICHARD Zenith] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The prizewinning. The Book of Disquiet: The Complete Edition [Fernando Pessoa, Jerónimo Pizarro , Margaret Jull Costa] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Pessoa did it with the most exquisite language you could ever hope to find. There is no finer encomium to the shattering melancholy and bracing affirmation of loneliness and solitude than the five hundred plus entries that make up The Book of Disquiet ; and few better descriptions of existential nausea, of the desperate efforts to perceive a reason to continue with the painful fegnando, shadow terrors, and numbing pedsoa of human existence.

My new world was invigorating, yet scary, this idea that I could walk the streets freely and not have to keep myself secluded from men and gunsthat I could attend public high schools and apply for federal aid for college, that I could go to a library and read any book—better yet, buy books freely and form my very own library?

Before I go to sleep, thoughts wash over me, turning around in my head, taking five paths at once and dancing in harmony. For it has been my faithful companion for over two weeks, as my friends are witness for their company was always there with me. What the fcuk is that?

‘The Book of Disquiet’ Is the Weirdest Autobiography Ever

At first, we feel sorry for him, for we feel his great isolation and are moved by his great passion and fisquiet love for beauty which he can only express through his journal.

My worst sorrows have evaporated when I’ve opened the window on the street of my dreams and forgotten myself in what I saw there.


Who else but the Germans could conceive of an epic such as this? He works in an office as a bookkeeper, probably few years before his retirement. He attributed his prolific writings to a wide range of alternate selves, each of which had a distinct biography, ideology.

View all 5 comments. This may be one of the reasons for his so many cernando his heteronyms, who could each write in distinct literary styles to be born. He is a dreamer and in his dreams he does all sorts of mind-boggling thinking that I end up dogearing half of the pages of this book because there are so many beautiful, beautiful passages about life.

The Book of Disquiet

I have not created my own host of fellow souls, but I am intimately familiar with the ever present malaise, the hesitance toward human interaction, the constant worry over ones fernnando with others strangers on the streets to valued friends to all levels of knowing.

I cannot think about specific things; I am not interested. Poor hapless men, poor hapless humanity!

Perceiving the disquiet which so fiercely plagued him, the solitude that he opted to dream to somehow conquer it, but still returning to the unrest because he understood the futility, made his thoughts trace through my mind, linger there for sometime before finally coming home to me.

Absurdity breeds disquiet, absurdity cannot be accepted always, without at least voicing the disquiet. But the city is unknown to me, the streets are new, and the trouble has no cure. Only his dreams or a poignant and fruitful solitude. Humans are social beings, to the extent that those who prefer solitude to the company of others are usually disqhiet as troubled individuals, outside of the norm; it took me a long time to feel comfortable with being alone, with dampening the guilt that flared up in me every time I begged off going out with a group of friends.

Too few peessoa him outside of the Lusophone world. Modernism is all about incompletion, and many modernists have been considered great writers in spite of or rather, because of their incompleteness, something that is very clearly present with Pessoa. I wonder what you think of this quote and of the questions it raises. We are like children when it comes to living.


I concern myself only with myself.

The Book of Disquiet: The Complete Edition

Pessoa’s writing really consumed me at times. View fednando 21 comments. So he can experience different lives in only one existence. Which means my universe, and my table, are unique and that my death will be their death too Why is life ugly? The four months it took me to read Fernando Pessoa’s posthumously-published collection of thought fragments have been some of the most fraught and chrysalis-splitting days of my adult life.

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I haven’t yet lost the appreciation of the novel, and I’ll be using this book as a reminder of what can happen if I ever do so. On its own, the sentence feels emphatic, perhaps declarative and triumphant, but the book is drenched in saudade and in that context it exchanges an energy for weight.

I’ve become a character in a book, a life already ;essoa. Dreamers, unquiet souls longing for detachment, people unsuccessfully trying to avoid thinking. I demand nothing more from life than to be a spectator of it.

And Oben and uten? According to Cunha, who with Jacinto do Prado Coelho and Maria Aliete Galhoz edited the first edition inthere are two authors of the book: La materia prima sigue siendo la misma, pero la forma, que el arte le ha dado, la aleja de continuar siendo efectivamente la misma. And if you perceive them as a different sort, unlike you, and more like Icelanders, so be it. A blade of grass sticking out of the pavement.