Frankfurt (Harry). Identification and Externality. Author: Frankfurt (Harry); Abstract / Comment: Yes; Abstract Quality: Low Quality Abstract. Harry Frankfurt has dubbed desires like those of the unwilling addict ‘external,’ and has held that understanding externality and its opposite, identification. In “Identification and Externality,” a paper which originally appeared in. and has since been reprinted in Frankfurt’s The Importance of What We. Care About.

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Each of us contributes his share. Sainsbury – – Synthese 89 3: Frankfurt incisively explores the roles of reason and of love in our active lives, and considers the relation between these two motivating forces of our actions. Theories of Freedom in Social and Political Philosophy. Animal Captivity in Applied Ethics. Freedom and Liberty in Social and Political Philosophy.

Science Logic and Mathematics.

The book includes a preface by Debra Satz. Intentional Action in Philosophy of Action. Is our fast and easy way with the facts actually crippling us?

With his characteristic combination of philosophical acuity, psychological insight, and wry humor, Frankfurt proceeds by exploring how bullshit and the related concept of humbug are distinct from lying. Christian Miller – – Philosophical Psychology 20 1: So the phenomenon has not aroused much deliberate concern. In Defense of Ambivalence and Alienation.


Identification, Decision, and Treating as a Reason. Free Will and Responsibility in Philosophy of Action. The Nature of Contents in Philosophy of Mind.

Identification Theories in Philosophy of Action.

Identification and externality

Theories of Free Will in Philosophy of Action. One of the most influential of contemporary philosophers, Harry Frankfurt has made major contributions to the philosophy of exernality, moral psychology, and the study of Descartes.

Ethics in Abd Theory, Miscellaneous. It is more or less customary to identify the point of practical reasoning or deliberation simply as a matter of figuring out how to attain whatever goal it is that we want to reach. Direct download 2 more.

The Policy-Based Approach to Identification. Frankfurt argues that self-love is exetrnality purest and — paradoxically, perhaps — most disinterested form of love. It is my view that one essential difference between persons and other creatures is to be found in the structure of a person’s will. I believe that the elementary repertoire in which the concept of desire is so Harry Gordon Frankfurt [1].

In their discussions of issues concerning the nature of human action, and also in their inquiries into the structure of practical reasoning, philosophers typically draw upon a more or less standard conceptual repertoire. Deception in Applied Ethics. We have no clear understanding of what bullshit is, why there is externalith much of it, or what functions Direct download 6 more. The argument is that the authority of practical reason is less fundamental than the authority of love.


Works by Harry Frankfurt – PhilPapers

But where are we headed? Sign in Create an account. Love, as the author defines it, is a volitional matter, that is, it consists in what we are actually committed to caring about. Direct download 4 more. Reasons and Causes in Philosophy of Action.

This entry has no external links. Verificationist Theories of Meaning in Philosophy of Language. Social and Political Philosophy. Equality in Social and Political Philosophy.

In this classic work, best-selling author Harry Frankfurt provides a compelling analysis of the question that not only lies at the heart of Descartes