GNX3 Manual Master – Read more about parameter, track, recording, recorder, knob and display. Introduction The DigiTech GNX3,is the most advanced guitar processor of its kind .Thanks to the highly advancedtechnology provided by. Digitech GNX3 Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Digitech GNX3 User Manual.

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Rotate the Parameter 3 knob to select the maximum value the assigned parameter reaches at the topturn around point for the LFO not available when volume is the assigned parameter. Individual LFO speeds can also be assigned. Ranges from 1 strong signals to 99 weak signals.

Changing presets, or turning the power off before storing any changes will erase your changes and revert to the stored values. Turn The Delay Off Please take a moment to fill out the warranty card. Introduction However, if you find anything missing, please contact the factory at once.

See page 16 for information on storing changes to a Preset Editing the Effects The GNX3 contains a comprehensive library of fully programmable, studio quality Effects.

Your choices include 1through 16,AL all ,and of off. After a track has been recorded,you may want to record other tracks overdub that will play along withit.


Ranges from 0 requires strong signals to 99 re-triggers with weak signals. When finished, press EXIT.

Rock the Expression Pedal forward and apply the V-Switch pressure to the toe of the pedal. The procedurefor performing a Bulk Dump is as follows: Midi Implementation Chart This is useful when multiple MIDI devices arechained together and controlled by one central unit. Choices are as follows: But when you want to create loops on the fly that you can layer,you want the transition from thefirst take to the second and so on to be seamless.

The TRACK 1 button will automatically light red, which will arm it to record, and espzol recorder will begin recording on this track.

Gnx3 Manual Español Pdf

You can Undo a track even while recording is in progress, thus eliminating having to stop and start all the recording procedures again. Page 6 Working with Songs and Loops Level ranges are from1 to The Utility menus include: InTuner mode,the numeric display shows the note played and the alpha-numeric display indicateswhether the note was sharp or flat.

Then repeat steps 2 through 6 for adjusting the Red Amp Channel. The procedure for sepaol a Sysex Preset Dump is as follows: Introduction Rotating the parameter knobs increases or decreases the value of the parameter and you hear the change in real time.

The available analog output configurationsare: When the recording memory is completely erased,the display shows reading,indicating the. Parameter 2- The Parameter 3 knob adjusts the frequency range Range of the Wah effect.



Display The display shows the selected preset name and number. Effects and Parameters An Auto Panner modulates the sound from left to right at an even rate. Once merging has begun,it cannot be stopped untilplayback through the espzol song is completed.

Appliances should not be used near water manuql. Midi Preset Dump Use the Parameter 5 knob far right to select the Red Cabinet type. Rotate the Parameter 1knob to select the Amp Footswitch function.

GNX3 Manual original digitech gnx3说明书_音乐攻略_音乐知识_音乐信息_百度攻略

The Exit button is only used to exit a function,while the other 5 buttons perform dual functionsdependent on the selected mode of operation. Bypass,Tuner, Learn-A-Lick, and Mode functions are accessed by pressing the labeled pair of footswitches.

The TIME display will begin counting offthe recording time. To record a newtrack with a previously recorded track,follow these steps: To select the analog output configuration,do the following: Start with the recorder stopped by pressing the STOPbutton.