Hallicrafters SX Serial Number H Here is the SX, as received. Chuck McGregor drew the following schematic, showing where the cut was, and . View and Download Hallicrafters SXA technical manual online. SXA Radio pdf manual download. View and Download Hallicrafters SX service instructions manual online. The Model SX Super Skyrider Receiver. SX Receiver pdf manual.

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Originally, the wire screen grilles were flocked with a champagne colored mohair but this seldom survives today. So, with all of these great features, why is the Super-Pro seldom encountered on the AM ham bands today?

SX SN H, builthas a date-coded bass choke “10 Stc 40” showing that it is possible for newly arrived parts to be immediately used by production. Use of the “HA” prefix serial numbers for and progressed very slowly as the demand for other types of military equipment was by far of greater quantity than for surveillance receivers, like the SXA, SXA and the few other users of the “HA” prefix serial numbers. Please use PayPal for sending a donation by clicking on the “Donate” Button below.

You will have to tune the desired signal “on the nose” for good copy. These can be blown out with air or brushed out with a small paint brush. This is great for AM stations whether BC or ham. Disassembly of the RF box is necessary, along with removal of both RF hallicraftefs chassis. When the SXA was introduced in early probably April, some of the first mqnual SXA receivers were produced in the heavy-duty configuration.

This works fine when listening to strong broadcast signals. If ever there is a subject that will produce endless controversy, it will be “what is correct” or “what was original” for the paint color, nomenclature, dials, etc. The bulletin continues that since you have removed the 6H6 ANL Rectifier tube, now you can use that tube socket to add a 6SL7 cathode follower for a panoramic adapter or oscilloscope – however, the connections are to the last IF amplifier stage where the IF selectivity will severely limit the bandwidth of a panoramic adapter display use the link below to read about the correct method of connecting a Panadapter to the SX If you enjoy using Radio Boulevard – Western Historic Radio Museum’s website as an information resource and have found our photos, our hard to find information or our restoration articles helpful, then please consider a donation to the WHRM website.

One has to remember, inmost hams were on M to 20M, so the Hallirafters satisfied the majority of the ham’s frequency requirements. HA has its original heavy-duty dust cover installed.


These can be removed and this allows access to the ball bearings and the housing. Shown are the fiber boards that the coils mount to and the tube socket that is part of ax-28 coil assembly.

Estimating a dynamic like production is difficult and we are going by assigned serial numbers compared to inspection tag dates and date codes on components. The glass tubes in front of the power transformer are the rectifier 5Z3 and the two 6V6 push-pull audio output tubes. Try to find a functional original but in the meantime, the Peter W.

There are several noticeable differences in this early model, e. These prices normally include the power supply although it may not be the specific “matching” one, most power supply versions will work with just about any Super-Pro. An unlikely scenario that would then account for the absence of any confirmed vintage examples. Since there are no company records available for reference to production dates or quantities, we have to use other methods to reconstruct what most likely took place during the SX production period.

Many of the capacitors are difficult to access and several parts need zx-28 be dismounted or hallicrafgers to remove old capacitors and install the new capacitors. Hallicdafters bearings have around 13 ball bearings of.

Hallicrafters SX-28-A Technical Manual

This not only applies to SXs but to any of the other Hallicrafters’ products. By estimating that Hallicrafters assigned between hwllicrafters serial numbers per month at this time, the SX production should start approximately with serial number H, First, the frequency coverage is manuak limited.

The top band covers MC and this is where most of the problems in tracking and lack of sensitivity or stability are encountered. There is some evidence that the front panel paint color was changed sometime before the heavy textured panel introduction as at least a couple of SXs have turned-up with the sz-28 paint on front panels with the light texture SNs H and H Hallicrafters enthusiasts agree that SXA production was somewhat less than that of the SX production.

Also available was the Jensen-Hallicrafters R-8, an eight inch speaker in a small bass-reflex cabinet.

The same applies to the ball bearings on the dial drive gears. Amplified AVC transformer has added 25pf capacitor in parallel with secondary to prevent oscillation.

The replacement will sx-2 have the correct output Z and will compromise the correct hallicdafters of original Hallicrafters’ speakers that have the to 8 ohm Z matching transformer built-in. The following changes are not necessarily shown on hallicraffters schematic or the parts list in the Manual. The date coded bass choke disappeared about the same time as the dated coded filter choke. There are three date-coded parts used in the pre-war SX halilcrafters provide specific information as to when the part was made.


Nowadays they are always a source of problems because of slugs that are broken, missing, stuck or so loose they won’t hold alignment. This will result in very clean anti-backlash gears that operate correctly. Granted that modern signals, like SSB, weren’t part of that original owner’s experience but the SX is perfectly capable of receiving SSB signals without modifications.

This would make the actual time interval between the assignments of HA and HA about two weeks. This allowed the operator to “see” signals that were outside the receiver’s passband and couldn’t be heard.

However, they are victims of too much grease applied in the wrong places and sometimes sticking anti-backlash gears caused by an accumulation of dirt. XII is the same as “” Hallicrafters’ manual. Sixty years of receiver design and electronic evolution have taken place since the SX was new. Finally, the Super-Pro can have a tendency to be noisy in the front-end when used with certain kinds hallicraters antennas. Double preselection is used on all bands mahual of model or variation.

Hallicrafters SX-28

The Sperry Gyroscope based Micrometer dial is fabulous but provides no direct calibration leaving the operator to check the dial readout versus a graph. We have many serial numbers reported in the Hxxx to the high Hxxx range but we have only three serial numbers from the Hxxx and xxx range with one other Hxxx unit known to have sold on eBay. There isn’t any nomenclature for the switch functions but their installation appears to match the rest of the receiver’s appearance.

In comparisons with other, later SXA receiver panels, it does appear to be a slightly different color, however more examples of later, post-war SXAs have to be examined to determine if this color was used after the end of WWII.


Fortunately, it was “dead-stock” with no modifications and the receiver had only one serious problem. Then why didn’t Hallicrafters install the 6AC7 in the first place? Nowadays, quite a few SXs are missing their original audio transformer and a universal replacement has been installed in its place.