Hallu®-Fix Arthrodesis System. CLOSE. Home > Orthopedics > Foot & Ankle > Hallu®-Fix Arthrodesis System. Hallu®-Fix Arthrodesis System. ×. Hallu®-Fix. The HALLU®-Lock M.T.P. Arthrodesis Plating System is intended for fixation of The HALLU-Lock plates must be fixed with the Surfix® fixed angle locking. HALLU®- FIX, HALLU®- LOCK & Total Foot System Metatarsophalangeal. (MTP) Joint Arthrodesis System Reimbursement Guide – Effective October 1.

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Measuring the Depth Step Indications and Contraindications 3. Chamfering of the Hole Step A power saw may be used to resect the base of the proximal phalanx and the articular surface of the 1st metatarsal head.

The slipper shoe should be dix until fusion is confirmed by x-ray.

HALLU®-FIX MTP Arthrodesis System

We are dedicated to developing products, service methods and approaches that. Phalangeal Preparation Step 5: Osteophytes should be carefully removed.


A Hohman retractor usually helps to expose the phalanx. Table of contents Indications 2.

Drill AO 2 in 1 6. For minimally invasive osteosynthesis. A temporary K-wire is introduced from the phalanx to the metatarsal to stabilize the joint in the adequate position for final arthrodesis.

Hallu-Fix MTP Arthrodesis System

Locking of the System Step We are dedicated to developing products, service methods and approaches that improve More information. Table of Contents Introduction 2. We are dedicated to developing products, service fkx and approaches that improve. The position should be checked under fluoroscopy. Warning Do not use the Surfix Alpha screw in the oblong holes of the plate The central K-wire should be removed when solid fixation of the fi is achieved. Table of Contents Introduction 3.

Table of contents Indications 2 More information. The surgeon fiix performs any implant procedure is responsible for determining and using the appropriate techniques for implanting the device in each patient.

Integra. HALLU -Lock M.T.P. Arthrodesis System SURGICAL TECHNIQUE

Flexibility and strength in sternal closure and repair. Hand injuries, especially the fractures of metacarpals and phalanges, are the most common fractures in the skeletal system.


Torx screwdriver ND can be used for both locking and non-locking screws. The surgery is done under tourniquet to avoid bleeding. Patient Positioning and Approach 6 2.

Integra Hallu-Fix | LMT Surgical

The joint capsule is released and retractors are placed halu expose the base of the proximal phalanx and metatarsal head. The rotation-stabilising More information. Contact your Zimmer representative or visit us at www. Handle AO Qwix Instruments and implants for 1.

April Nichols 2 years ago Views: Buttress Plate Selection 2 4. The small central hole should be positioned over the center of the metatarsal head.