Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. The compelling third volume (after Drive to the The Grapple (Settling Accounts) – Kindle edition by Harry Turtledove. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. The Grapple (Del Rey, ) is the third book in the Settling Accounts quarter, and is the penultimate volume of the overall Southern Victory series. Plot The. A profoundly thoughtful masterpiece of alternate history.” –Booklist It is , the third summer of the new war between the Confederate.

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A general advance seems to be made in Arkansasand U. This page was last edited on 19 Decemberat Indeed, as the air, ground, and water burn with molten fury, new and tje tools of killing are unleashed, and secret wars are unfolding.

And Turtledove does not downplay the brutalizing effects of the fighting on the belligerents, Northerners as well as Southerners.

This volume saw a few characters pass on that had been with the series for a long time. Overall a good book and I cannot wait to start the last So I am a little upset on the way Scipio died.

Ratings and Reviews 1 7 star ratings 1 reviews. In the end, what appeals most about Turtledove’s writing is the strength of his concepts, which more than survive his inconsistent handling of them—and which, no doubt, will make fans disappointed by this entry come back for the next one. Turtledove’s series is extremely ambitious, developing a detailed and global alternate history that has covered eighty years and six thousand pages to date. Some of the Best from Tor.

The troops from the U. The tide of war is changing, and victory seems within the grasp of the USA.

The Grapple (Settling Accounts, Book Three) by Harry Turtledove | : Books

Angered with his generals, Featherston puts all his faith in “wonder weapons” to win the war. Once more he chronicles events the course of the war through the experiences of over a dozen characters scattered on both sides, though by this point the diversity of experience is much reduced as nearly everybody he chronicles is at the front; home front interludes are virtually nonexistent.


Nader Elhefnawy currently teaches literature at the University of Miami. The Tale of Krispos. The tide of war is changing, and victory seems within the grasp of the USA. His style of alternate history has a strong military theme. Looking for More Great Reads? Drive to the East and ‘s Settling Accounts: I thought that this book was very well written. Sam Carstens, the mustang officer in the US Navy. Turtledove’s grpaple style is unique in many ways.

This is effective in telling multiple mini stories that will ultimately crisscross each other and add to the overall story of the USA and CSA. Issue 35, November Jun 26, Pages. Stars and Stripes Triumphant.

This is more true to reality, showing how war is an ugly and nasty business. The first half of the book, I was convinced that Turtledove was mailing it in, just trying to reach the destination he marked in with How Few Remain.

Mar 30, James rated it it was amazing Shelves: Settling Accounts 3 graple, Timeline Like a Mighty Army. Fhe the complexity of this narrative, it would not do to rush the conclusion, and the idea of a series about the postwar situation is certainly intriguing, all the more so because there is no obvious parallel to our timeline for the next phase a replay of the cold war being out of the question.

What makes this series so good is just how damn plausible it is. The Best Books of Swords of the Legion: Lots of good tank action. Military Science Fiction Military Fiction. Still, yhe fighting flares from Denver to Los Angeles. Other books in the series. It isthe third summer of the new war between the Confederate States of America and the United States, a war that will turn on the deeds of ordinary soldiers, turtoedove heroes, and a colorful cast of spies, politicians, rebels, and everyday citizens.


The Grapple

Nov 16, Joel Flank rated it it was amazing. President Jake Featherstone disrupt the rural economy. Also in Southern Victory: Refresh and try again. American Front Walk in Hell Breakthroughs. In Harry Turtledove’s Settling Accounts: Garry unable to accept such a blatant rejection of American exceptionalism will be turned off by that alone, but those willing to consider the idea that things may have turned out another way will find a good deal to think about.

The Grapple, the third book in the Settling Accounts series, Turtledove continues to show a darker, more sinister history with the ultimate what if, “What if the south won the Civil War?

In Camp Determination in Texas, things are going well for the whites. Dec 03, Brentman99 rated it really liked it Recommends it for: This very different version of World War II, which Turtledove’s novels built toward hhe a period of enormous American nostalgia about history’s bloodiest conflict, is a powerful reminder not just of what a nightmare it all really was but also of the role contingency plays in history. Some Confederates begin to feel pangs of conscience, just as the U.

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