The time of fluidization in a jig can thus be controlled in such a way as to make Plunger jigs are typified by variations of the Harz Jig (Figure ) that provide. HARTZ TYPE JIG. • List item here. • List item here. • List item here. • List item here . Over 50 years, Mineral Process. Equipment Pvt. Ltd. has enabled cus-. mineral jig and Harz jig. The operating variables used to determine the effectiveness of jigging include, particle size, velocity of water and amplitude. Recovery of.

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Using Fastest Grains only.

Prepared By:- Prabir Kumar Roll No.254/08 Ravi Kumar Roll No.497/08

Additional data gladly harx upon request. The amount of hutch is extremely small, and consists of particles abraded from the ore. Since it requires only one-quarter, more or less, of the velocity required by free-settling to do the work, it should require only one-quarter the quantity of water.

This jig is made in various sizes.

mineral jig

The reason for mentioning them here is to bring out the advantage they possess over the rectangular settling-tank. Suction due to the movement of water-columns supplements gravity. Grains of quartz 3. While the ratios are somewhat different at the large end and also at the small end of the table, we find that the diameters of quartz grains from 2 to 0.

What is HARZ JIG? definition of HARZ JIG (Science Dictionary)

The object of this paper is to set forth the methods of saving this fine free mineral. This calls for another paper.

To get the hindered-settling method into practical mill form, one must provide for each compartment: If the third in size has to go to a jig, what was said of the next to the coarsest will be true of the third also. The plunger-jigs had 12, sq. The tailings are contaminated with fine free mineral. Hurz jig are usually built of wood, but construction of concrete has been reported.

Observe also the wonderfully wide valley between the quartz and galena heaps in Fig.

If we are concentrating 3. The tailings are free from fine free mineral. This sorting-column must have the same velocity of rising current in all parts of a horizontal section across it. Jarz will therefore consider that next. We will take these up one by one, as follows:. The following notes are taken from results obtained on a standard ft.


The method in both cases is the same. Here the side-discharge concentrates and the hutch are both clean and very large in quantity, and the tailings are free from fine free mineral, because, while a certain amount of small grains of heavy mineral finds its way into the first spigot, the grains are not small enough to go into the tailings as fine free mineral. This was the first positive classifier.

Jig may have belt or motor drive. This is the essential feature of the method of getting hindered-settling, namely, a hindered-settling chamber above and a constriction below it, with the whole current rising up through the two.

This makes it still more impossible for the constriction to have a downward current on one side with upward current on hqrz other, carrying slimes into the earlier spigots, and thereby guarantees tailings free from fine free mineral. If the plant is using a flotation machine which can handle.

Gold, lead, zinc, copper, native copper, nickel, iron, manganese, tungsten, chromite, and fluorspar are a few of the ores which can be concentrated in this jig. The Callow screen seems to be the machine for this work. The coarsest spigot-product is much richer, and in consequence the jig has less quartz to separate from it, and a larger proportion of heavy mineral is saved from the coarsest product.


If it has too much included grains it will need to be recrushed. The Evans Classifier—This has the advantage of simplicity, see Fig. Standard construction is tanks and frames made of kiln-dried Douglas fir and laminated wood plungers.

Definition of Harz jig – glossary

An ordinary settling V-tank 6 ft. This classifier submits the sand to hindered-settling treatment in the hindered-settling hars, the grains there being in the condition of teeter, the heavy grains quickly going down and out, and the medium grains, remaining at full teeter, act as a filter for filtering out the fine slime. The first two products carry all the slime and give the densest slime of any classifier known to me. I am assuming that the slime has been already separated from it.


It harzz be noted that the valuable mineral is in coarse, medium, or fine grains, and that in order to sever these from the quartz, so that the concentrator can save them, we have to decide how fine the recrushing hars be.

This is because it is very difficult to examine exactly what take place in actual process of practical jigging. Tests made with this tube indicated that the ratio of diameters was not advanced over that obtained by the steady current; and photograph, Fig. Jigging cycles are said to consist of pulsion and suction. The latter does not reduce the water in the spigots so much, but reduces the water in the overflow more. The upper trash screen consists of a four mesh woven-wire cloth.

The Wilfley table may be fed with: In these we can readily see the coarse galena mixed with small quartz in sufficient quantity to bury the galena very nearly out of sight. The reactions occurring during pulsion and suction are the only reactions of jigging. Six tests were made in each series with each of the above three sets of conditions, using the same size of quartz in all cases, but varying the size of blende from coarse to fine in each of the three sets.

The Richards Type Pulsating Jig concentrates ore too coarse for treatment on concentrating tables. Such machines are especially suitable for coarse ores. We have to decide in regard to included grains whether they are rich enough to go direct to the furnace, or poor enough to throw away, or whether they lie between these two points and require recrushing as the only means of severing the values from the waste.

When this has been done the great capacity of. Essentially it consists of an open tank, filled with a fluid, with horizontal or slightly inclined jig ‘screen’ near the top upon which the particles are supported, and through which the fluid flows in alternating directions.