Also known as congenital absence of the fibula, congenital fibular deficiency, paraxial fibular hemimelia and aplasia/hypoplasia of the fibula, fibular hemimelia . Fibular hemimelia. Disease definition. Fibular hemimelia is a congenital longitudinal limb deficiency characterized by complete or partial absence of the fibula. consists of shortening or entire absence of the fibula; previously known as fibular hemimelia; the most common congenital long bone deficiency.

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Hemimelia in an amphibian affecting both calf and foot on one side.

Syndactaly of the first to second toes is easily treated by release and skin grafting. The lateral moment arm is also blocked by the buttressing effect of the lateral malleolus.

If the distal tibiofibular joint is not stable, insert a syndesmotic double washer compression suture such as a TightRope Arthrex Inc. Differential diagnoses include amniotic band syndrome, thalidomide embryopathy and several skeletal dysplasias and dysostoses with asymmetrical involvement of hemimelai lower limbs such as femoral-facial syndrome see these terms. This corrects valgus and lateral translation. Under tourniquet control, make a lateral longitudinal incision in line with the posterior border of the tibia from the level of the diaphyseal bend in the tibia when present to the hsmimelia of the sural nerve.

The surgery can add about 8 cibular 20 centimeters to the shorter leg. Patients after SUPERankle procedures and lengthening surgery are able to participate in a wide range of sports, such as baseball, football, basketball, tennis, soccer, gymnastics, rock-climbing, etc.

The foot is fixed with three wires; the first calcaneal wire enters postero-midline in the calcaneus to exit between the first and second toes.

If a patient is complaining of a lot of pain, especially during the day while at rest, the cause of the pain should be sought. Achterman C, Kalamchi A. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The author would like to thank Pamela Boullier Ross who illustrated all of the figures in this manuscript. In the grade 3 FH group, two patients required six stages of reconstruction a stage referred to as a lengthening or a deformity correctionfour required five stages, six required four stages, three required three stages, four required two stages and one required one stage.

  ASTM D4189 PDF

The ankle joint moves the foot up and down and the subtalar joint moves the foot side-to-side, which is important for walking on uneven ground.

Fibular Deficiency (anteromedial bowing) – Pediatrics – Orthobullets

The total cost to health care of these many prosthetic changes is much greater than all of the medical costs related to the surgery of lengthening reconstruction surgery [ 4754 ]. If there is a fixed equino-varus foot deformity, then it is a type 4. Acknowledgements The author would like to thank Pamela Boullier Ross who illustrated all of the figures in this manuscript. Another approach is to insert a hemi-epiphysiodesis plate figular the end of the lengthening.

When kids have small differences in leg length, the care team might suggest a surgery called epiphysiodesis ep-i-fiz-ee-uh-DEE-sis. The subtalar joint in fibular hemimelia is usually absent because the two bones are fused.

Absence or weakness of hemimeloa peroneus longus may lead to overpull of the tibialis anterior and elevation of the first metatarsal with compensatory flexion of the first metatarsophalangeal joint dorsal bunion. As long as the foot is plantigrade, the foot in FH is very functional even with one, two, three or four rays. My results do not support this [ 213536 ]. Bone growth hemimeliaa lengthening for congenital shortening of the lower limb. A lateral longitudinal incision is made along the posterior aspect of the tibia.


Peroneal nerve release should be considered if evidence of peroneal nerve stretch does not respond to slowing distraction. The tibia and fibula should separate apart heminelia these releases Fig. Management of fibular hemimelia: These guide wires are inserted at the angle of the plane of the osteotomy.

Vascular dysgenesis, viral infections, trauma and environmental influences have been suggested as possible causes. Therefore, it is difficult, if not impossible, for most pediatric orthopedic surgeons to gain sufficient experience with this procedure even if they do obtain proper training.

This includes one anteromedial and anterolateral half pin proximally and two half pins and a wire in the hemimelja distally Fig.

If the ankle deformity is dynamic, then it is a type 2. The anterior a and posterior b distal tibio-fibular syndesmostic ligaments are cut.

Surgical reconstruction for fibular hemimelia

Note there appears to be only one tarsal bone on the lateral view. Agenesis of both fibulae is rare. There is a fibrous and cartilaginous fibular anlage.

It is currently unknown why fibular hemimelia occurs.

Fibular Deficiency (anteromedial bowing)

Rarely, for cases of severe heimelia length discrepancy or complete absence of the fibula when the foot is nonfunctional, amputation with prosthetic fitting in early childhood may be considered.

There is no indication to do femoral lengthening in the absence of femoral discrepancy. Although genetic abnormalities are linked to FH, the condition is not heritable. Therefore, limb salvage is more cost-effective than amputation.