The Honor Series, a lesbian romantic intrigue series by Radclyffe. Honor Bound. by Radclyffe It shouldn’t have mattered, and she was well used to ignoring her security guards, just as they were well schooled in appearing. Radclyffe Honor Bound In this third book of the “Honor” series, Blair Powell, the President’s daughter, and Cameron Roberts, the.

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Then she’d stiffened as the persistent pull of Blair’s fingers pushed her suddenly to the brink of orgasm. They were both so wet, and the moisture flowed along their skin, fusing them. A clever stalker threatens and all Cameron’s expertise must keep Blair safe.

The national and global implications bond across the pages while two love affairs act like bookends to comprise and reflect these shocking days. Blair’s eyes widened at the gentle caress. Soft music accompanied the murmur of voices.

Honor Guards

She would know that we had to be informed. Full of action and hlnor which kinda keep you at the edge of your sleep, especially so in the last third of the book. She didn’t trust herself enough to do that. After a minute or two he said, “I’m sure that everything is being done appropriately.

Refresh and try again. Cameron Roberts was not the kind of woman to compromise her professional ethics by carrying on a clandestine affair with someone she was supposed to be guarding. Dispatched from the UK in 4 business days When will my order arrive? Blair must have wanted to be with someone very badly if she’d arranged for them to spend more than a night together somewhere.


It was something about the utter stillness in her face and the unnatural calm in her voice that made him face forward, sit up straight, and, with his hands gripping the wheel tightly, execute a performance of New York City driving that would have won him a trophy at Daytona. When the inferno roared in her pelvis and scorched along her veins, she choked back a cry, her fingers squeezing down with each spasm, milking each pulsation to the very end.

Her nipples were still full and tender from the recent stimulation, and the wetness between her legs was not from the rivulets of water running down her body. Jane and her secret ally within the president’s inner circle vow to destroy them all, at any cost.

I do believe the impact I experienced was larger afte This is a truly wonderful story focusing on the events and likely situations that very well may have occurred leading up to, during, and following the shattering happenings on September 11, She moved around the end of the table, helped herself to coffee, and settled into a chair opposite the woman who was reading a stack of papers she appeared to have taken from the open briefcase beside her. But the President was susceptible to manipulation through his affections.

Blair made a point of keeping everyone at arm’s distance, physically and emotionally, and she had failed miserably with Cam. So my heart go’s out to all the victims and survivors. The romance is dramatic and overwritten as is typical of Radclyffe. I have read a number of her novels as well as the Provincetown series and have loved them all.


Radclyffe has written over forty-five romance and romantic intrigue novels, dozens of short stories, and, writing as L. Cam and Blair are communicating and moving forward.

Too much for procedure or protocol to have stopped her. I find myself more and more attached to Blair’s character now, and o Intense. The Best Books of She refuses to discuss personal – uh, relationships, so we have no intelligence regarding potential threats from that area. The action is slower than it should be. Kept me reading, kept my attention throughout. This racclyffe one intriguing read.

Honor Bound (Radclyffe) Audiobooks – Listen to the Full Series |

Oct 30, Kennedy rated it really liked it Shelves: The only thing they care about is what I do in the ring. If you won’t resign, I’ll do what I have to do to get you pulled off.

It’s always the same in all his books, the only thing that changes is the name of the character, is completely predictable And I’m going to do radclyffe same with my reviews.