Make the following updates to Doc FOREWORD. This document contains a list of ICAO four-letter location indicators and, for ease of. ICAO Location Indicators. This document contains a list of ICAO four- letter location indicators and, for ease of reference, corresponding three- character. ICAO DOC EDITION Doc preparation of an operations manual. Fernando Nobre ยท Doc icao abbreviations and codes.

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The skill for this was often learnt on those long night watches when little traffic was in the air.

The first four letters of the eight-letter group is a Location Indicator indicating the place of destination. Reason for special handling by ATS, e. The revised route is subject to RIF. The indicators defined are as follows, and are listed in the order in which they are to be inserted, if used: Some long distance and international links were based on duplex radioteletype transmissions and leased lines.

Any other plain language 791 when required by the appropriate ATS authority or deemed necessary. These non-changeable fields are: Note 1 – For a flight plan received from an ACFT in FLT, the total EET is the estimated time from the first point of the route to which the flight plan applies to the termination point of the flight plan.

DEG and minutes janual characters: DEG only 7 characters: Additional significant points shall be established as deemed necessary. The pilot-in-command shall be aware of such modification and take into account manuall all ATS units concerned icaao that FLT will have received the same modified data. Make up the correct number of figures, where necessary, by the insertion of zeros, e. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Altitude in tens of mexpressed as M followed by 4 figures e.


ICAO DOC 7910 Ed 169

Particular attention should be paid to the correct description of the route portion in ITEM Flights along designated ATS routes. Direct filers take full responsibility for compliance with all relevant procedures, including the CMPL addressing of their messages. ACFT become status overdue whenever:. Flights outside designated ATS routes. The first letter for a Canadian aerodrome, or airport address, begins with the letter C.

Every location airport or other facility with a connection to the AFS is assigned a unique four letter code the aeronautical location indicator by ICAO.

KTexpressed as N followed by 4 figures e. With care and persistence, one could compose a musical tune to play to far distant stations. The parts of the Network Operations Handbook, as well as other documents listed in the bibliography, can be downloaded at http: Where late submission is unavoidable, the period until reaching the required lead times shall be covered by filing individual flight plans.

Flight plan messages filed on skybriefing are transmitted automatically to AIM Operations Switzerland for further distribution.

Flight plans and associated ATS messages shall be filed on http: Indicate surveillance equipment and capabilities not specified in ITEM ACFT become status overdue whenever: Corrections by IFPS operator cannot be made. A particularly clever ‘author’ could combine the tune with an image such as a Christmas tree. An AFTN address is an eight-letter-group composed of a four-letter ICAO Location Indicator plus a three-letter-group identifying an organization or service addressed and an additional letter.

If no coded designator has been assigned, one of the following ways: Make up the correct number of figures, where necessary, by the insertion of zeros – e. Switzerland requires this insertion. The point at which the change of FLT rules is planned, expressed exactly as in 2 or 3 above, as appropriate, followed by a space and one of the following: The VFR flight plan shall be filed on http: Specify in item INSERT 0 zero if no other information ORany other necessary information in the preferred sequence shown hereunder, in the form of the appropriate indicator followed by an oblique stroke and the information to be recorded: The letter X is used to complete the address when an explicit identification of the department, division or process is not required.

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Aeronautical Fixed Telecommunication Network – Wikipedia

The original AFTN infrastructure consisted of landline teleprinter links between the major centers. They are assigned depending 710 the messages category as follows:. The message has to be re-filed in corrected form.

Guidance material on the 79910 of performance-based surveillance, which prescribes RSP to an air traffic service in a specific area, is contained in the Performance-based Communication and Surveillance PBCS 77910 Doc Relevant requests should be submitted to the competent ATS unit or notified on the flight plan messages. Bearing and DIST from the nearest significant point, as follows:. The purpose of the bell was to allow the sender to alert the receiving operator of a high priority message such as an SS message.

A typical message would look like:.