| Permaglide® thrust washers, maintenance-free 66 .. In a plain bearing assembly, the sliding speed is understood as the relative speed in m/s. Friction. at , you can for example calculate the rating life for. Permaglide® plain bearings. The publication ABP “Application Examples for Permaglide®. for maintenance-free and low-maintenance KS PERMAGLIDE® plain KS PERMAGLIDE® P1 plain bearings .. importance in a tribological system, and in.

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Schaeffler North America | Products / Services | INA metal-polymer composite plain bearings

This process step is controlled in such a way that a running-in layer of solid lubricant up to max. Characteristic values, load limit Designation Unit Value Permitted pv value pv zul. The customer can inq select a product with optimal material characteristics for every application. Search our entire product range — without registration. The use of grease as a lubricant with P10 is only possible to a limited extent, and is not recommended.

With the further use of this website you accept the application of cookies. Sliding layer Tin-lead-bronze Layer thickness [mm]: The new INA metal-polymer composite plain bearings enable economical solutions oermaglide many industrial and automotive permablide. Their structures are basically identical: P11 does not require any additional corrosion protection. Working method and functional systems Product versions Material information in detail Special productions Special materials for plain bearings Advantages over ball bearings Legal requirements.


A selection of bearings with maintenance-free and low-maintenance materials are available under the designations E40 and E Would you like further information? Product Inquiry Mail Form.

INA Permaglide PAF P10 Flanged Bearing Bushing 1 Pair (2ct) | eBay

Schaeffler applies cookies to secure an optimal use. The solid lubricants produce a lubricant film between the sliding surfaces, which provides low-noise operation with constantly low friction values throughout the entire service life. In a final step, plain bearings manufactured from P10 undergo corrosion protection treatment on the bearing back, face reliefs and striking faces. Very low stick-slip tendency Low wear Good chemical resistance Low friction value No tendency to weld to metal Extremely swell-resistant Does not absorb water.

Bearing back Steel Steel thickness [mm]: Sliding elements in a great variety of designs are produced from P10 and P11 in cutting, stamping and shaping processes. The bearings can also be used in water and other media due to the high moisture resistance of the material. P10 is a leaded, robust sliding material with maximum tribological performance. In addition, all our new plain bearings are lead-free and, therefore, environmentally friendly.

Material production The solid lubricant mass is produced in a specially adapted mixing process. The materials P10 and P11 contain lead and must therefore not be used in the food sector! Schaeffler Group Industrial has brought a new metal-polymer composite plain bearing onto the market under its INA oermaglide.

KS PERMAGLIDE® Bushes (cylindrical) PAP

Print page Top of page. The excellent material formability also enables customerspecific components to be designed for different rotary, linear and oscillating movements.


Layer system P10 1. In further thermal treatments, the characteristic properties of the material system are adjusted, and the required thickness tolerances of the composite material are produced using controlled roller pairs. Tin is used as temporary corrosion protection and an assembly aid.

Variable Steel hardness [HB]: Next, the cavities are filled with solid lubricant by means of peermaglide rollers. Different innovative materials ensure unprecedented variety. Rolling and plain bearings INA metal-polymer composite plain bearings Schaeffler Group Industrial has brought a new metal-polymer composite plain bearing onto the market under its INA brand.

They are particularly effective with permaglidee movements and achieve a rating life several times higher than that of bearings with conventional materials. You would like a quotation? The solid lubricant mass is produced in a specially adapted mixing process.

Models and tables of dimensions.

A porous bronze-sintered structure is applied to a steel or bronze backing and pwrmaglide with a special plastic compound. It is designed for maintenance-free, dry-running applications, but can also be employed in systems with liquid lubrication. This produces a sliding layer with a thickness from 0.