Intelsat (Luxembourg) S.A.’s 11¼% Senior Notes due are referred to as the You should rely only on the information contained in this prospectus. Persons into whose possession this prospectus or any Series A preferred shares . all references in this prospectus to Intelsat Global Holdings S.A. and Intelsat. Intelsat S.A., the world’s leading provider of satellite services, today exemptions from registration, prospectus or like requirements under the.

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The date of this prospectus is May 11, We may experience a launch failure or other satellite damage or destruction during launch, which could result in a total or partial satellite loss. Likewise, it may also be difficult for you to enforce in U.

For example, the New Sponsors could cause us to make acquisitions that increase the amount of our indebtedness. Such litigation, if instituted against us, could adversely affect our financial condition or results of operations.

Gain loss on Early Extinguishment of Debt. For instance, we have carried programming on a global basis for every Olympiad since In addition, legislation is proposed from time to time in various jurisdictions, relating to changes in laws which, if enacted, could have a material adverse effect on our results of operations.

Because the market for FSS may not grow or may shrink, we may not be able to attract customers for the services that we are providing as part of our strategy to sustain our business. Obligations under the Intelsat Corp Amended and. Additional risks that are not currently known to us or that we currently consider immaterial may also impair our business, financial condition or results of operations.

We have in the past experienced delays in satellite construction and launch which have adversely affected our operations. We might also experience a dilutive effect on our earnings. If either of Intelsat Sub Holdco or Intelsat Corp experiences a change of control that triggers a default under its senior secured credit facilities, the applicable borrower could seek a waiver of such default or seek to refinance the senior secured credit facilities.


As a result of the New Sponsors Acquisition, the reported results of operations for the years ended December 31, and are not necessarily comparable.

Intelsat Moves Forward with $800 Million Initial Public Offering

Intelsat has three satellites under construction and scheduled for launch between late and late We and the selling securityholders have not authorized anyone to provide you with additional or different information. The operating and financial restrictions and covenants in our existing debt agreements and any future financing agreements may adversely affect our ability to finance future operations or capital needs or to engage in other business activities.

Going forward, we will consider select acquisitions of complementary businesses or technologies that enhance our product and geographic portfolio and can benefit from our scale, scope and status as a global leader.

Department of the Treasury finalized regulations with respect to the source of international and other types of communications income. Capital investments in our fleet result in enhanced operating characteristics and incremental capacity to fuel future growth.

Changes in operating assets and liabilities, net of effect of acquisition. The risks described below are not the only ones that we may face. Such a determination could result in a substantial unanticipated tax liability.

Impairment of asset value. To service our third-party indebtedness, we will require a significant amount of cash. Table of Contents Our sector is noted for having favorable operating characteristics, including long-term contracts, high renewal rates and strong cash flows. The New Sponsors also own a portion of the outstanding notes issued by Intelsat Luxembourg.

A significant increase in the proportion of high-power, land mass-focused transponders suitable for broadband and video applications, which typically command a pros;ectus price, resulting in an opportunity to increase the overall yield on our fleet.


This increase was primarily due to: Securities we are offering.

We are subject to regulatory and licensing requirements in each of the countries in which we provide services, and our business is sensitive to regulatory changes in those countries.

Interest on the notes is payable only in cash.

We are a holding company with limited business operations of our own. If market rates were more favorable than the rates set forth in our contracts, intelxat potential revenue would be limited by the fixed prices in our contracts.

Filed Pursuant to Rule (b)(4)

lntelsat The characteristics of our refreshed fleet include: There is a finite number of geostationary orbital slots in which FSS satellites can be located, and many orbital locations prospecus hold operating satellites pursuant to complex regulatory processes involving many international and national governmental bodies.

Reduced risk of anomalies resulting from the replacement of satellites with known health issues; and. Description of Certain Indebtedness. Our customers use our global network for a broad range of applications, from global distribution of content for media companies to providing the transmission layer for unmanned aerial vehicles to enabling essential network backbones for telecommunications providers in high-growth emerging regions.

Future delays may have the same effect. We may pay declared dividends in cash or, subject to certain limitations, in common shares or any combination of cash and common shares on February 1, May 1, August 1 and November 1 of each year, commencing on August 1, and to, and including, May 1, The New Sponsors have control over our decisions to enter into any corporate transaction and have the ability to prevent any transaction that requires the approval of shareholders.