Intervalve Poonawalla Ltd. manufactures a range of butterfly, check, Globe, Gate and Ball valves in India. Specifications of the se models are tabulated below with short description of each model variant. Butterfly Valve Division. INTERVALVE POONAWALLA LTD. The lugged version with threaded holes can be used as end of line valves or terminal end valves. Brochure. IVTFE. Intervalve’s PTFE lined Butterfly valve model.

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Adaptability to fit between companion flanges of all popular flange standards for the wafer style body. The design offers a low pressure drop operation, which makes the valve more energy efficient. Excellent adaptability for actuated operation through standardised top flange mounting dimensions for actuator fitment.

There is reduced friction on the seat when it comes in contact with the ball during opening and closing and thus enhances the ball valve’s life. These ball valves can be easily used for automation by using pneumatic and electric actuators. The valves are available in flanged or butt welded end connection. The double offset disc design nearly eliminates the seating wear due to the camming action of the disc during closing. The body liner offered by us is used as soft seat, which is available in replaceable version or an integrally molded bonded version.

With the floating seal design, the ball diameter is greatest in the close position and the seat is free to expand on closing bktterfly contract on opening.

Intervalve Butterfly Valve

Yet another real workhorse from the IV stables, IVTL model Butterfly valve incorporates the optimum design features to provide long trouble free service in the field. The internal washing action keeps the seats free of contaminated ingredients and guarantees superior valve performance. Please enter full name. Our special design feature provides a rugged construction, reliable operation and long service life.

These quality products have a high standard of design and accuracy that meet international specifications. The valve is available with 3 distinctly different seat design versions, viz. Mobile Number Please enter Mobile Number. Job Vacancies Product Portfolio.


Single Plate Wafer Check Valve. The fully circular back up elastomer and live loaded disc shoulder sealing ensures bubble tight closing of the Valve with zero shaft leakage.

Bi-directional valve with tight shut off sealing capability butterrfly hold vacuum to rated pressure in either direction. Choice of seat and disc materials to suit media conditions and service requirements.

Intervalve Butterfly Valves – Rubber Lined Butterfly Valves Wholesaler from Bengaluru

Intervalve’s GKL series valves are designed to meet the demanding requirements of the general utility valve market with the HVAC segment in particular. Option of end connection with host of flanged ends and butt welded ends. Some of the specifications of our range are as follows: The lugged version with threaded holes can be used as end of line valves or terminal catalogur valves.

These valves incorporate a double offset disc design, which practically eliminates any seat wear. Please enter your Email ID. Even though the body is designed for a maximum pressure of 2. The wafer style body has universal design to fit between pipe flanges of almost all popular flange standards.

The top shaft sealing is through stuffing box type gland sealing arrangement, which is field adjustable.

These are specially designed with a low inertia disc which helps in the opening and closing of the valves. This design ball valves can hold very high pressures. The valves can be provided with a motor operation wherever required.

Frenstar Limited are stockists and distributors of an extensive range of Butterfly Valves.

Thus, it has cornered a major market share in India’s process industries. Unique triple sealing system for shaft sealing, eliminates any fugitive emission or secondary leakage. Single Door Check Valve. It allows the valve to be installed in either direction. Some of the specifications of our range are as follows:. We are engaged in offering a wide range of Wafer Type Swing Check Valve, which is known for its robust construction and reliability.


When line pressure is applied to the closed ball, it moves slightly or floats downstream to maintain contact with the downstream seat where primary sealing occurs. Our range is made using premium quality raw material and is known for its minimum maintenance. General Purpose Rubber Lined Butterfly The mechanical stopper provided on the valve body ensures precise valve closing every time to ensure specified seat tightness.

This general purpose soft seated Butterfly valve has a fully rubber lined single piece body with centric disc construction and is available in wafer type body pattern. Inter valve butterfly valve, application for plumbing lines, HVAC and fire fighting lines. The swing away feature also maintains pipe alignment during inline maintenance. This results in self-cleaning action, reduced wear and smoother operation.

All our procured products comply with the set industry standards. The universal square top shaft on valves upto DN, enables easy change over from hand lever operation to actuated operation when required.

This type of construction is of swing-out design and easy inline maintenance. Another feature of trunion design is that it allows the ball valve to act as a true union. These products are available in rubber lined single piece body with centric disc construction which has wafer type body pattern.

Since the seat is allowed to float in open position, fluids and debris do not accumulate around and behind the seat. We are instrumental in providing an extensive range of General Purpose Rubber Lined Butterfly Valves, which is known for its optimum design and a trouble free service.

Bonded seat for sizes DN 40 to DN for applicable ratings. Quality Our Rich Vendor Base.

An adjustable gland box type shaft sealing arrangement permits on line adjustment of the packing to ensure zero leakage.