For the past couple of days I’ve been working on an experimental IntraWeb (a.k.a. , “VCL for the Web”) project. Since I typically generate user. I am Using Delphi’s (Seattle) Intraweb to create a sample web application ( currently on my own desktop) How to create a download link, what. You need to create the ‘data’ inside session NET+Preview/Chapter+21+Web+ Programming+with+IntraWeb/Building+IntraWeb+Applications/.

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They should be installed as Windows services using the command line:. So how does it work? They should be installed as Windows services using the command line: But Ajax really is a group of concepts, and you can use external Ajax libraries to create more attractive applications.

You can use IntraWeb cfeate create individual pages instead of entire applications. FastReport need to create some forms but invisibles to create the reports. I am Using Delphi’s Seattle Intraweb to create a sample web application currently on my own desktop How to create a download link, what component do I have to use? This component download a little Java Applet wich imtraweb to have a smooth image transition. Means that your application will register the default URL with Http.

If you build the recently created application and run it, it should just work, like any regular Imtraweb stand alone application. Products Gp for Indy. Aug 15, By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. What do you think about this topic? This procedure or similarworks fine in a desktop program.


The ihtraweb URL composed by the protocol http or httpsthe wildcard strong or weak or virtual host name, port and the Url Base if applicable. As the message shows, some specific functions called by Http. Where can I find an Http.

Developer Tools

Marko, I stopped experimenting with IntraWeb in Here’s a few I haven’t tried any of them yet priyadi. It shows one of the key features of Http. Welcome, Guest Login Guest Settings. Somehow the create action didn’t get triggered. Web Delphi blogs en-GB. Aug 17, 1: Follow these simple steps: Have you ever solved the provblem with Alignment. When you really want to translate an old form to IntraWeb, you can use DinaMixte first, to “Try” the functionallity of the form model in web, make possible changes, and then translate to IntraWeb.

Otherwise the a GUI version will be used instead. We will generate a new thread used to synchronize the report creation.

Reuse old forms to create New Ajax Applications, or reuse same form code in desktop and Web Applicacions. It makes startup and shutdown of the application slightly faster and more convenient to debug. This tutorial demonstrates how to use IntraWeb.

IntraWeb | Atozed Software

Execute False ; end. Also, you creae have existing Web Broker and WebSnap applications that you want to extend but not rewrite. So i created a “Welcome” Screen where you can press a button to get to the Login. In general you deploy an Http.


Execute from an Indy server project. But when it comes to access the Datasets i get an Access Violation Error.

Creating Http.sys applications with IntraWeb

Please visit our new home community. This procedure receive as parameter; nam which is the template name and resul which is the pdf result file name. All other requests coming to port will not be forwarded to your application they can be forwarded to a different IW application, to IIS or any other application using Http. Copyright C Embarcadero Technologies, Inc.

Getting started with IntraWeb. I didn’t change the Code from the Servercontroller. Shall i post the Code of the Site in intarweb main Question? So always set the Name.

This is not a bug of IntraWeb, and I don’t know where you found this information. You can write all of your creeate logic in the Delphi language; IntraWeb will automatically convert program elements to script or HTML when necessary. Always use the service version! You can check the parameters in the editor.

Finally, there is the issue of layout managers. I figured out, that the Useresession intrawb not created. We recommend that you use the default value, unless you have a good reason to change it.

PrepareReport true ; frReport.