Read Fighting for Flight by JB Salsbury by JB Salsbury for free with a 30 day free trial. Read eBook on the web, iPad, iPhone and Android. Editorial Reviews. Review. “It has everything I wanted: a solid plot, a steamy romance, a strong Fighting to Forgive (The Fighting Series Book 2) by [ Salsbury, J.B.]. Audible Sample. Audible Sample .. I got to know Blake in Fighting for Flight and couldn’t wait to read his story. MMA fighters are total Alpha- males and with as. to Forgive: Fighting Series, Book 2 (Audible Audio Edition): J.B. Salsbury, Erin Mallon, Ryan West, So this is what Blake got to say back in Fighting For Flight.

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However long it took. Raven is going to be 21 and breaks it to figgting that its time for her to be a prostitute just like her mother! I fightiing butterflies in my tummy through the whole ride. And I understand him. This series has it all, romance, suspense, intrigue, heartbreak. I’ve always been a huge fan of Jamie, and I truly do my best to give my honest opinion on how I feel about a book no matter how big of a fan I am of the author.

Jonah has closed himself off. Layla is running from her past Blake is the absolute playboy- different women every night, no relationships, no love Is a top UFL fighter.

I loved him from the beginning! It’s rough being in their heads.

Fighting for Flight

He’s a unashamed horndog and figting me cracking up. He was all kinds of perfect. Raven sees what she could have only to see it all slip away.


Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Things I liked 1. He may seem all tough, bubbly, and a jokester but he’s really just a guy with a tainted past.

He refuses to get attached to anyone. Flying under the radar is all she knows, and more than she expects. When he starts to remember Even after reading the other books, he’s still my 1.

Oct 30, I started to be excited about this book as soon I read “Remind me when I decide o settle down to find a girl wihtout baggage. The Author, Jamie Salsbury has written this book is such a compelling way, it draws you in and captures your mind. There is also a scene that the h witnesses the H heavily making out and later in a car having sex with OW this is after the h and H had kissed but weren’t in a relationship.

When real feelings start to come into play, things become more complicated Yes view spoiler [ There are times when they both push away as well as pursue the relationship. What kind of idiot decision was that Or so he thought. I know her forced marriage left her emotionally stunted but some of her actions view spoiler [ such as, while at a work pool party removing her bikini top to make Blake jealous hide spoiler ] were something I’d expect from a much younger character not a woman in her thirties.

Blake DanielsLayla Moorehead. Gibbs I knew from the get go that these guys would be on my list to watch out for as they would do something to add to the plot drama or be the cause for it in some way. View all 19 comments. Hate to state the obvious Blake, but that’s something I see on a daily basis I loved this as much as the first book. View all 50 comments. It’s not as good as the first, I lose interested and ultimately wish I had never bothered.

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Fighting to Forget

So, I took a minute before deciding that I couldn’t miss out on the opportunity to revisit J. I wanted these two to find happiness so badly. Having both come from a life of pain, abusive relationships and parents who couldn’t give a damn, not only did they have an intense physical connection, but an jamoe one too.

I love how this group of people that I am falling so much in love with is more than family. A past that I can give back to him. Over all I liked this story a bit more than book 1 as I didn’t feel like it lost any form of connection to it like book 1 did for a bit.

jamiesalisbury: Meet Jamie Salsbury!

View jamje 57 comments. Remember this quote from Fighting For Flight when Blake proclaimed, “Remind me when I decide to settle down to find a girl without baggage. But the attraction is there. It saddens me deeply fo acknowledge there are people who abuse the Foster Care system for their own gain. I couldn’t put this book down for nothing, I was sadly very upset when I was falling asleep from staying up way to late to try to finish this book.

He is a very lovable character. Once an official couple, always a couple.