if you cut and paste the Latex output into your own documents, or if you don’t. The error message indicates that your TeXLive installation is corrupted or incomplete. It shows that the programs latex and dvips were indeed. JaxoDraw is a Feynman graph plotting tool written in Java. of JaxoDraw’s main features is the possibility to create LATEX files which make.

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On Unix like systems, make sure that you have write permission to the directory where JaxoDraw creates temporary files usually the JaxoDraw home directory. This is dvips k 5.

This is a workaround that we used ourselves when working with axodraw. What should I do? We use maven to build our web site. Under Windows, you have to do basically the same as under Linux. If you are not sure, you should post a question to the JaxoDraw discussion mailing list. The number of undo steps can be configured jaxodrwa the Preferences. It is not necessary to install axodraw4j in order to run JaxoDraw. iaxodraw

RPM resource jaxodraw-latex

Older versions were written and maintained with Java version 1. General What is JaxoDraw? Refer to the appendix of the User Guide for more information. The documentation for axodraw4j. Post as a guest Name.


I am using “jaxodraw But I don’t know what are the paths. I have a question that is not addressed here. Please see the Prerequisites document. On which platform does it run? They should have been created by a standard install of TeXLive in the following locations: Does it run on Mac OS X? How do I do this and that with JaxoDraw? For Java 5 there are a few minor points to notice, see this news entry. This is described in the Instructions section of the source download document. How can I run JaxoDraw from any location I like?

We shall only outline here how you make axodraw available on your system and how you use it with the LaTeX output from JaxoDraw. After that latex and dvips should work.

JaxoDraw was initially meant to be a graphical user interface for J. You have to install axodraw4j. Linux instructions For installation, you have two options: Vermaseren’s axodraw LaTeX package. This package is derived from J. I’d recommend you to make this a full installation, and take the default options.

I have no idea what is the exact path for them! Sign up using Facebook. I ran the generated latex code using jazodraw “texmaker”. How is the JaxoDraw web site built? I have installed Texlive Vanilla following the instructions given here: Thanks a lot, it did work after installing the new version and up[stream of the texlive, although there seems to be another problem not related to jaxodraw.


Home User Guide Plugins Sitemap.

Or try to jaxodra your feature yourself and send us some patches. If these resources don’t help you with your problem, or if you think that you found a bug that is not yet documented, you should contact us. You can also try to pay us. Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service jzxodraw, privacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

Installing axodraw4j system wide is very easy.


For other features, please check the Overview document. First put your axodraw4j. The Reference section and the user guide contain some detailed and comprehensive documentation about JaxoDraw.