Jef Huysmans of Queen Mary, University of London, London (QMUL) with expertise in: Political Theory, International Security and Arms Control and International. School of Politics and International Relations. Critical Methods in International Relations: The Politics of Techniques, Devices and Acts of European Citizenship: A Political Sociology of Mobilitymore. Professor Jef Huysmans. Jef Huysmans Professor of International Politics. Queen Mary, University of London. [email protected] Title: Fracturing.

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Desecuritisation and the Aesthetics of Horror in Political Realism more.

Normativity, inwardness and the exception. Jef Huysmans is Professor of International Politics.

The Question of the Limit: It refers to a particu- lar method of conceptualizing the nature of international political order. The constitution of Political Being. Huysmans, Jef and Guillaume, Xavier International Politics of Insecurity: In this volume, Jjef Huysmans critically engages with theoretical developments in international relations and security studies to develop a conceptual framework for studying security. Politics of insecurity and liberal democracy.

Professor Jef Huysmans, PhD (Leuven), MA (Hull) BA (Leuven)

What do you mean? In particular, we show how sex workers activists question territorially and culturally bounded practices of EU citizenship by enacting mobilities that exceed the instituted forms of free movement and that bring to bear a mode of sociality that is enacted through exchange relations between strangers.

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Working Papers on Ethics and Transnational Politics.

Or, On the Creative Development of a The European Union and the securitisation of migration more. In the past few years the relative success of international political sociology as an intellectual project has stimulated debates about its contribution to international studies.

Defining social constructivism in security studies: Since the s, the political construction of migration increasingly referred to the destabilizing effects of migration on domestic integration and to the dangers for public order it implied. Revisiting democracy from this angle is particularly pertinent in extitutional situations in which the organisation and practices of surveillance are spilling beyond their panoptic configurations.

Security Unbound, by Jef Huysmans

To a considerable degree these modes of surveillance escape democratic institutional repertoires that seek to bring broader societal concerns to bear upon surveillance. We are familiar with emergency policies in the name of national security challenging parliamentary processes, the space for political dissent, and fundamental rights. Didier Bigo, Polices en reseaux. It also allows us to move away from the dominance of scientificity and its weaker versions of systematicity and rigour to understand methods as less pure, less formal, messier and more experimental, carrying substantive political visions.

But what does it mean to speak of exceptional politics in international relations? Articles 1—20 Show more.

Jef Huysmans – Google Scholar Citations

Surveillance, democracy, privacy 7. Both political leaders and academics often claim exceptional times. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link.


Critical methods in International Relations: Security unbound and democracy 2. Skip to main content. It has been an intellectually fascinating ride. European Journal of International Relations. New huyemans related to this author’s research.

Huysmans, Jef – School of Politics and International Relations

Reading and Writing Non-Offensive Defence: New articles by this author. Help with accessing the online library, referencing and using libraries near you:.

Our most recent contribution in this area is: Enacting Democratic Limits Routledge, Uhysmans Centre of International Relations, No. Some of these challenges are familiar, such as the erosion of the right to privacy; others are less so, such as the post-human challenge to citizenship.

In one sense exceptionality is a descriptive category referring to a radical change in Rather, to practise methods This article deals with the question of how migration has developed into a security issue in western Europe and how the European integration process is implicated in it. It focuses on the theme of protection. Europe, Knowledge, Politics Engaging with the Limits: This “Cited by” count includes citations to the following articles in Scholar.